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4 Ways To Winterize Your Outdoor Living Space

Published Date: Dec 20, 2017

As winter really begins to set in, many homeowners are under the impression that the enjoyment of their outdoor living space has officially come to an end. While colder climates may limit some activities, it doesn’t mean that enjoying your outdoor living space should cease altogether.

There are certainly some simple and easy ways that homeowners can winterize their outdoor living spaces and extend outdoor living throughout the entire year.

1: Weatherproof Furniture

Weatherproofing our outdoor area can help on several fronts. Including weatherproof outdoor furniture can help to ensure it isn’t ruined by moisture rain or snow. It can also provide an added layer of protection against mold and prevent puddles from forming on furniture fabric. This way, when you or your guests want to take a seat outside, you’re not at risk of getting your pants wet.

For these reasons, you want to be sure to weatherproof any outside furniture, including cushions.

2: Covering Outdoor Products

A few other overlooked areas that should be winterized are your BBQ grill and fire pit. For one, water can rust metals, putting your grill at risk of corrosion. Depending on how much you paid for your grill, you certainly don’t want to experience premature rusting. It’s best to get a cover for your grill to ensure it stays dry and protected from the winter climate. Same goes for your fire pit. If rain and snow end up getting inside your BBQ or fire pit, it can be difficult to get it to light when you need it. Depending on what your fire pit runs on, be it wood and fire or stones and gas flames, keeping it dry makes sure that it’s protected when it needs to be and lights properly when you’re ready to enjoy it.

patio pavers and pergola

3: Invest in a Pergola

Since you’re already well on your way to winterizing your outdoor living space, it’s time to think about investing in a sheltered area such as a covered pergola over a paver patio. Pergolas provide the perfect amount of enclosure without compromising the beautiful views of your backyard retreat. You, your family and friends can gather throughout the winter months, enjoying the natural beauty of the great outdoors.

4: Additional Fire Elements

To complete your new outdoor pergola, consider adding a brand-new fire element to your backyard, such as an outdoor fire pit or fireplace. While your pergola serves a fantastic purpose of providing shelter, an added source of heat provides comfort and warmth that help you and guests fully enjoy the outdoors in the winter months.

outdoor fireplace

Winterizing your outdoor living space not only provides protection from cold winter climates, it also ensures your outdoor elements stay protected and work when you need them to. Adding a pergola and a new fire element also provides an additional layer of comfort to your outdoor experience. This winterization protects the value of your home while extending the time you, family and friends are able to enjoy your wintery backyard escape.

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