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4 Ways To Solve Your Patchy Lawn Mystery

Published Date: Nov 9, 2016

No matter the time of year, you may notice patches of yellowed, dying grass or even dirt on your lawn. These unsightly areas can be frustrating to regrow, potentially leading homeowners to stop trying. The Royal Horticultural Society noted that lack of moisture, dog urine, using too much or too little fertilizer and even spilled gasoline can cause these unsightly areas. If you want your lawn to look its best so you can enjoy your outdoor space, there are ways to hide a patchy lawn. Here are a few to try:

Add a pergola Is there a certain area of the yard that is constantly a mess? Perhaps it features a bush you don't love but the dog is a big fan of marking his territory on. Eliminate the pup's potty area by removing the bush and adding an outdoor pergola. This elegant feature is a great way to provide shade for outdoor dinner parties. You can even turn up the romance by adding curtains or weaving fabric through the top. Hang some twinkling lights to illuminate the area at night and add ambiance. A pergola can stand alone, protrude out from a home, or cover a custom patio, all while eliminating patchy brown grass.

installing pavers

Paving a path can eliminate patchy grass and make it easy to stroll through the yard.

Crate a paved pathway Are there parts of your yard that you never spend time in? If you had a paver pathway, you may find yourself meandering the landscape more. Consider adding this functional outdoor element to cover up brown spots that are spread throughout your backyard area. This is a great way to link an existing patio or deck to the garage, pool or custom patio. Residential walkway pavers range from narrow multicolored bricks to larger natural stones - you're sure to find one that suits the style of your outdoor space while also hiding those brown spots in the grass.

patio with outdoor fireplace

Add on to your patio by installing an outdoor fireplace for cozy nights ahead.

Stretch out your custom patio Shade is a major reason why grass may become patchy and sparse. Since you're not likely to pick up your entire home and move it to create better sunshine, why not make use of this yard space by turning it into a custom patio? Homeowners love the opportunity to increase their property value, and this is one great way to do so. Add a patio complete with stone flooring and a built-in BBQ island. Place comfortable patio chairs or bar stools for an eating area and even install an outdoor fire? pit. There's no better way to enjoy fresh kebabs and s'mores than on your new custom patio. You won't even remember having a patchy lawn once this feature replaces it!

Turf the whole lawn No matter how hard you try, sometimes a natural lawn is just not what you need. Stop fruitlessly watering and re-seeding problem areas and instead install System Pavers Synthetic Turf. This artificial grass is eco-friendly and looks and feels like the dream lawn you tried so hard to achieve. No matter the temperature or amount of sun or shade your lawn area receives, turf stays green and well-manicured. It's even pet-friendly, so you don't have to worry about Fluffy ruining it by frequenting the same place to go to the bathroom. 

There are many ways to address your patchy lawn and improve your overall outdoor spaces. Just consider the size of the problem area and you'll soon experience your backyard in a whole new way.

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