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4 Ways To Make The Most Of Daylight Saving Time

Published Date: Feb 25, 2019

Did you know that studies show that people who get out in the sunshine for at least 15 minutes a day are happier and smile more than those that don't? No need to worry if you haven't been taking advantage of this bright discovery. With daylight saving time just around the corner (clocks jump forward at 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 10), you'll soon have an extra hour to soak in those rays. Here are some ideal ways you can make the most of this extra time in the sun right from your own outdoor living space:

1. Host a block party BBQ in your backyard

Between projects like adding custom patios and creating an outdoor living room beneath a pergola, you've put a lot of hard work into your backyard. You've probably been itching all winter to kick back on your outdoor furniture or grill up some burgers with the neighbors at your beautiful BBQ island. Now is your time to do just that by hosting a block party BBQ in your backyard!

This doesn't need to be a formal affair - just call up your neighbors or drop flyers in the mailboxes on your street. Simple items like hotdogs, burgers and brats are easy enough to make in mass quantities, and yard games like cornhole or miniature golf on your SP Turf putting green offer plenty of excitement. If your block party lasts beyond the extra hour of sunshine, just turn on your outdoor lighting and let the good times continue.

Enjoy some quality time with neighbors and friends by hosting a backyard BBQ for your entire block!

2. Take your exercise outdoors

We'd all love to be fitness buffs, but between kids, work and home duties, hitting the gym consistently can be a regular struggle. Make it easier to stay healthy by exercising right in your backyard - and be sure to invite your friends to join, and for moral support of course. A study published in the Journal of Social Sciences found that doing cardio in groups can actually motivate you to exercise at a greater intensity - maximizing the effects of your workout session.

You have plenty of options for group or exercise in the backyard. Head to the artificial turf lawn with your iPad and select your favorite yoga video from YouTube for a group session, grab some weights and do partner strength training, or simply bring out a weighted ball to enjoy a solo circuit. 

women doing yoga outside

Look no further than your backyard to get your daily workouts in.

3. Get crafty with the kids 

Does anyone else remember laying in bed as a kid wondering why you had to sleep when it was still light outside? Thanks to daylight saving time, you might be experiencing this with your own kids sooner than later. While you may not want to change a bedtime routine (we know how tired little tikes can be!) you can help your kids feel like they made the most of their day by spending more time outdoors doing fun activities together.

family with tent

Encourage your entire family to enjoy bonding over a backyard campout!

One activity to consider is this unique pool painting craft idea featured on Parents.com. Place a large piece of parchment in a plastic kiddie pool, and toss in a few plastic balls covered in washable paint. Have your little ones grab, turn and tilt the edges of the pool to create unique works of art. Backyard day-camping on artificial turf is another popular choice to consider. Not only does it give the kids an excuse to be outside ALL day, but it also helps them appreciate being out in nature. Other great and simple options include hosting a giant connect four or corn hole tournament for the kids and all their friends. 

4. Start a new outdoor project 

With the sun staying out a little longer, there's no better time than now to start an outdoor project, and why not make it a great bonding experience for the entire family? For example, you can start your own edible garden. Start by delegating a space in your paver planter for each family member. Then take a family outing to your local nursery and have everyone pick their favorite fruit or veggie to plant. Once Spring hits and everything is fully grown, everyone can enjoy picking their favorites for a healthy snack or to include with dinner that night.  


Pick out your favorite fruits and veggies and have some fun creating your own edible garden.

Life is too short to let the sun set without spending time outside. Make the most of this extra hour by spending time with family and friends in your backyard.

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