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4 Things You Should (And Shouldn't) Do After Labor Day

Published Date: Sep 6, 2017

Labor Day has come and gone and with each passing day, summer draws nearer to a close. This holiday weekend also brings with it the coveted set of “rules” for what you should or shouldn’t do after Labor Day. Most of these “rules” can be bent, and of course others were simply meant to be broken!

1. (Shouldn’t) Wear White After Labor Day

Now, we have all heard this one. You don’t wear white after Labor Day. But why?

Well, as the legends go, this came from around the time that Labor Day became a federal holiday. After the Civil War, millionaires were a plenty and it seemed everyone was getting rich and fast. However, there was still a clear divide between what Americans at the time considered “old money” versus “new money”. Millionaires of new money were considered to have a lesser societal status than millionaires of old money (known as elitists), and to illuminate the separation, women of old money created the rule of never wearing white after Labor Day. When new money arrived wearing white, old money knew not to mingle with them and to let them know they weren’t accepted by the elitists. Moral of the story, wear at your own risk! You never know when the high society police from the 1800s will come for you.

2. (Shouldn’t) Shut Down Your Outdoor Living Space

With Fall rapidly approaching, you might be wondering or even already planning for when you should shut down your outdoor living space until next year. The answer to this is simple: you should never shut down your backyard escape! Instead of putting everything away for the cooler months ahead, winterize your outdoor space so it’s usable all year long.

Even if the weather seems frightfully cold, with the right setup, you and your family will have a space that provides entertainment, warmth, and total comfort long into the colder months of the year. Adding enclosure panels around your covered pergola, or built-in seating around your outdoor fire pit are two great ways to winterize your space. Yes, you may still need a jacket to enjoy the outdoors, but your backyard adventures are just beginning after Labor Day.

When it comes to winterizing your own private Outdoor Living Space, the possibilities are endless!

3. (Should) Have a Barbecue with Friends and Family

Overall, Labor Day is known to kick off the last stretch of what we in the outdoor living world like to call “BBQ season”. And although the kids may be back in school, the sun is still shining late into the evening, leaving plenty of natural light for after school get-togethers and weekend BBQ’s. So take advantage of the last of that Summer sun before winter gets a full grasp on the weather. Don’t freight once the sun starts to set sooner. Energy efficient LED lighting is the perfect way to winterize your weekend BBQ’s with friends and family. No matter the weather, having the right outdoor living setup ensures the fun, the smiles, the togetherness and the al fresco style dinners never have to end.

patio with fireplace at night

4. (Should) Include a Fire Element in Your Outdoor Design

Just because the evenings are beginning to cool off doesn’t mean the outdoor activities are off the menu. It just means it’s time to consider installing a fire element in your outdoor living space, such as a custom fire-pit or built-in fireplace.

A Fire Pit allows you, your family and friends to get more out of the cooler months. By providing much-needed warmth, a fire pit or fireplace enables you to continue spending quality time outdoors. More than that, an Outdoor Fire Pit becomes a center piece for meaningful conversations and creating memories that’ll last a lifetime. A highlight that everyone in the vicinity begins to gravitate towards. As the conversations and good times begin to roll, you’ll find every person present standing around the Fire Pit in a perfect circle, laughing and having a great time.

As Summer Comes to a Close

Just keep in mind that just because the seasons change, it doesn’t mean you are relegated to a life indoors. No matter what the weather is, with the right outdoor setup, you will be free to enjoy the great outdoors all year long!

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