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paver patio with pergola

4 Steps For Preparing An Outdoor Space For Spring

Published Date: Mar 1, 2018

After potentially months of not utilizing an outdoor living space, the time has arrived for homeowners to start de-winterizing their home for the warmer months ahead. But what does that process entail? Here are some of the “must do” steps involved in de-winterizing an outdoor living space: 1. Determine Any Remodel Needs

Look around the outdoor living space, such as the poolpergola and patio areas, and see if any remodel updates are needed. If there are any serious cracks or damage from the winter weather, or items that need replacing, consider contacting your local System Pavers office to get the remodel started now. You won't want to delay their time outdoors due to any outstanding repairs.

2. Check Outdoor Surfaces

Depending on how long it's been since the outdoor space was last used, it's very likely that the surfaces will need to be swept and hosed down. Dust and debris build up on pavers like any other surface. Homeowners will want to first sweep off their paver surfaces, then get rid of any leftover debris and hose off the paver areas. This could include pool paverspatio pavers, a paver driveway and even paver sitting walls. Homeowners might also want to consider using a leaf blower or rake to clean up any artificial turf areas within their outdoor space. Debris from surrounding vegetation and from winter storms can build up on the turf, leaving it in less than ideal condition for use. Getting this build up off will allow for immediate use of your lushly green turf!

paver patio

3. Cleaning Grill and Cooking Areas

The end of winter means it is time to start using the outdoor kitchen again. There are definitely a few minor upkeep items homeowners will want to check off the list before firing up the grill for the first time this spring. First, taking off the covers, scrubbing down the grill grates, cleaning any surfaces that will be used for cooking, and checking gas/propane lines where they're needed. A test run should be completed to ensure all the grill elements are working properly and that everything is functioning with the gas lines.

outdoor kitchen

4. Outdoor Furniture Preparation

The first step is ensuring that everything is clean. Take the covers off all outdoor furniture and set them aside for separate cleaning. Hose down the patio furniture and let it dry in the sun, or wipe it all down with material friendly cleaner. If there is any furniture with cushions, ensure the cushions are properly prepared. Some may have removable covers that can be put through the washing machine and dryer or homeowners can simply do things the old-fashioned way and dust them all down really well. It is best to begin the season with clean furniture and cushions. This way family and friends can start enjoying the outdoor space as soon as the weather permits.

5. Enjoying the Space

Now that all the cleaning, repairing and dusting has been completed, it is time to start enjoying your de-winterized outdoor living space. Even if the weather is still a bit cold, don't get discouraged. Light up that outdoor fire pit and utilize some blankets for extra warmth while roasting marshmallows, or take shelter under an outdoor pergola for a family game night. Winter will soon be over, and then it will be smooth sailing all through the spring, summer and fall months. And the outdoor space is ready for months of great times!

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