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4 Reasons Why Every Outdoor Living Space Needs A Lighting Design

Published Date: Nov 15, 2018

For many homeowners, landscape lighting can be an afterthought when it comes to transforming an outdoor living space. But there are so many benefits to be considered with outdoor lighting, like creating an ideal ambiance for evening gatherings, adding a sense of security for family and guests, enhancing a home's curb appeal and maximizing on time spent outside. Creating this ambiance and added security comes from more than just a few lights shining on the patio and garden. Here are four reasons why every outdoor space needs a proper energy efficient lighting design:

1. Extended Time Outdoors

As the weather cools from the summer to fall and winter, days also get shorter. There’s no reason that sunlight should determine how late your outdoor party or family gathering goes until.

Outdoor lighting will extend the amount of time homeowners and their guests can enjoy during an outdoor gathering. With our SP Smart Lighting systems, homeowners can set the mood for an evening party with one click from a remote control. With special dimming lights, it’s easy to turn up the brightness if everyone is playing a game in the yard or under a covered pergola. Dim them for an outdoor dinner date or turn them off entirely if everyone is getting cozy by the built-in fireplace.

2. Enhanced Ambiance

Homeowners who are more interested in the artistic aspects of outdoor lighting can really elicit emotion throughout their space with the right design. Similar to how a painting or sculpture can tug at the heartstrings, lighting can that, too.

When it’s dark, everything feels dreary and ominous. Adding up lighting or angled lights to bounce off the surrounding hardscape and/or landscape completely changes the setting of the space. Now, subtle details of tree trunks, shadows off the firepit, and colors from surrounding flowers will be visibly noticeable, adding to the architectural artistry an outdoor living space offers.

outdoor fireplace

3. Added Home Security

In this day in age, home security is at the forefront of most homeowner’s mind. Outdoor lighting offers peace of mind for parents and owners wanting to keep an eye on kids and pets while playing outside at night. It would also be safer for family and guests approaching the front door to have a well lit path instead of a blinding spot light. 

Additionally, having well-designed landscape lighting has great potential to deter unwanted visitors. Studies have shown that thieves are less likely to approach a home that’s well lit. 

4. Curb Appeal

Homeowners are naturally proud of where they live and the home they live in. So why showcasing the beauty of a home to only daytime? A well-lit exterior can easily be spotted from almost anywhere on the block. Strategically placed LED lighting not only shines a light on the beauty of an outdoor space but can help make a home look even more elegant and charming.

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Proper lighting design is the missing piece of the outdoor remodeling puzzle. It can elevate a space, show off its best qualities and make it easy for homeowners to spend time outdoors at night.

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