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4 Reasons To Include A Water Feature In An Outdoor Living Space

Published Date: Sep 27, 2018

Water features are the perfect way to enhance the appearance of any outdoor living space. Water is life and having it play a major role in the aesthetic of a backyard can help families create an even more enjoyable and cohesive outdoor space. Here are a few reasons why adding water features to the backyard should be top of mind for homeowners. Reducing Noise Pollution

A custom water feature isn’t just an ideal way to bring a sense of relaxation and tranquility to an outdoor space. It can also greatly help in reducing noise pollution, especially in busier suburban or metropolitan neighborhoods. The sounds of water can down out the sound of your neighbors, noise from a nearby street, and much more.

Families that want to hear the relaxing sound of water falling instead of the hustle and bustle of traffic, will experience a significant improvement in the ambiance of an outdoor space with a water feature.

Adding a Focal Point

Most water features bring a unique element of design into a space that can easily act as a focal point. Consider the sliding glass doors that lead to the backyard. Picture staring out of them onto a gorgeous custom water feature instead of a blank and empty space. Water features can also be gorgeous focal points in a front yard setting.

With so many styles available, homeowners can choose from built in custom water features, free-standing fountains and rain waterfall features. These features are instantly noticeable and effortlessly become the focal point which the rest of the space is centered around.

backyard waterfall

Enhancing Comfort

An outdoor space is for more than hosting parties or a place for the kids to play. It should also be a little oasis escape. A place where anyone in the family can go to relax, unwind or clear their mind. And having a water feature will only enhance that feeling. The sound of water falling soothes the mind. When water flows, it emits negative ions. And those negative ions can help reduce stress.

Connecting to Nature

Water is the connection to life that we share with all other living creatures. A bird bath, for example, helps bring a connection to nature into an outdoor space. Just like a water feature can bring the natural sounds of a streaming river or ambient rain fall.

Homeowners who are looking to enhance the comfort in their outdoor space, bring a connection to nature in, or wanting to add a focal point can easily achieve all this and more with the addition of an outdoor water feature into their space. 

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