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4 Outdoor Elements That Bring The Indoors, Out

Published Date: May 15, 2018

Spending time outdoors is so important for everyone, adults and children alike. While we all love playing video games, watching movies and spending time on their tablets, they also need to experience the great outdoors. Going to parks and other nearby areas can help with that. However, so can setting up a wonderful outdoor space at home.

Instead of trying to drag kids to different outdoor locations around the city, the entire family can spend more time outside by adding these four outdoor elements to the backyard.

1. Outdoor Fire Features

Whether it’s the middle of summer with beautiful weather or early winter boasting chillier nights, the entire family can always get together by an outdoor fire feature. It’s the perfect way to bond, share stories, roast some marshmallows and enjoy a beautiful night’s sky! Instead of curling up in front of a 50-inch television and gazing off into cell phones, gathering around a fire outdoors encourages interaction, conversation, participation playing games and enjoy each other’s company.

If homeowners are needing to accommodate larger parties, they might find a fire pit or fire bowl to be the best option. These structures are free standing and either circular or square so chairs can easily be set up around the entire perimeter. Homeowners that are looking for a fire element to create a more intimate setting, a built-in outdoor fireplace would probably suit them best.

fire pit

2. Outdoor Kitchen

The idea of an outdoor kitchen sounds odd to some homeowners. They want to have a grill outside, but not much more. It is only when they experience a true outdoor kitchen do they realize its usefulness. By having pizza ovens, wok stations, smokers and a huge grill outside, the options for extending living into the outdoors become endless.

Everyone can gather together around the outdoor kitchen area without abandoning the host indoors. Parents can keep an eye on the kids playing in the yard or by the pool. All in all, an outdoor kitchen is a perfect way to keep everyone at the party connected.

3. Outdoor Entertainment Area

Why confine guests to one or two rooms in the house? Why worry about the house getting dirty during a party or social gathering? How about you just take the party outside instead?! All it needs is a few stone paver walkways and a paver patio area. Homeowners can also consider adding in a pergola to create some needed coverage for year-round entertainment.

Now everyone can gather outside, enjoy the great weather, have a few drinks, listen to great music and mingle. There is no need to trap guests in a tiny room inside. And when the weather starts to cool down, homeowners can get their outdoor fire element going for continued outdoor enjoyment!

outdoor movie

4. Outdoor Theater

Most families love having a movie night a couple of times a month. However, the experience can be limited indoors. Setting up a projector screen (or equivalent substitute) and an HD projector is easier and more affordable than one might imagine. In fact, you don’t even need a screen if there happens to be a wall or two trees that can have a sheet connected to them somewhere in the backyard. Now, homeowners and their families have a 100-inch screen where they can watch a movie. Heck, invite the whole block if you can fit them in your outdoor space, the screen will definitely be big enough to accommodate them!

These four elements will ensure that everyone in the family is spending ample time outdoors. In fact, it will turn your outdoor living space into the most fun area of your home! Between fireplace hangouts, grilling and cooking, hosting parties and watching movies, the family can enjoy almost every activity outdoors.

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