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3 Ways To Utilize Your Outdoor Space For National Relaxation Day!

Published Date: Aug 14, 2018

Where better to celebrate a day dedicated to relaxation than spending time in a classy and comforting outdoor living space? Taking in the nature with loved ones, sipping on some fresh lemonade, and enjoying the peace around you. By turning the backyard into a getaway oasis for the whole family, National Relaxation Day will be one of the best holidays of the year!

Yoga and Meditation on Artificial Turf

With artificial turf, there’s no need to fear damaged grass. Turf is very durable, which makes it a perfect surface for everyone to enjoy a mini-meditation or yoga session on National Relaxation Day.

Yoga is a great way to get the body energized for the day ahead. Not only is yoga a terrific workout, but it also helps relax the mind. Concentrating on each yoga move is great meditation, as it helps a block out negative thoughts and stress.

Make the Most of a Paver Patio

The patio should be one of the most cherished parts of a home, especially given the stunning weather in the area. Most evenings are gorgeous - perfect for spending a few hours soaking in the outdoors.

nice pool with patio

Easily grill up a meal at the built in BBQ grill, grab a few beers or a bottle of wine from the outdoor fridge, set up an alfresco dining area on the paver patio and the entire evening is set! Enhance the relaxation ambiance by playing some slow jazz or easy classical music through the outdoor surround sound and enjoy. This is the perfect antidote to the hustle and bustle of a regularly busy lifestyle.

End it by the Outdoor Firepit

The weather is finally starting to cool down at night and what better way to stay warm and continue your National Relaxation Day retreat than sitting by the outdoor firepit? Get the fire going, pour a glass of red (or juice for the kids) and take it all in. The crackling and popping of the fire. Wind rustling through the leaves. It is such a peaceful experience.

Relaxation should not be reserved for a vacation. With the backyard set up in the right way, most nights can be National Relaxation Day for the family. It is all about making the most of the space available.

fire pit

Instead of spending National Relaxation Day falling asleep in front of the television, spend it making new experiences, enjoying the outdoor atmosphere, and cherishing the company of close family and friends.

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