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3 Ways To Host Your Holiday Festivities Outdoors

Published Date: Nov 28, 2017

This holiday season, why not take full advantage of the beauty the outdoors brings with its seasonal changes? Once the weather begins to change and the air begins to chill, your first inclination may be to bring the holiday festivities indoors. But with the right outdoor living setup, you won’t ever have to leave your outdoor winter wonderland! Under an Outdoor Pergola

An outdoor pergola can easily be an extension of your home’s indoor living space. This extension provides the perfect transition from indoor to outdoor living, creating a seamless exchange and providing shelter in the cooler months.

The same comforts and amenities found under the ceiling of your home can be recreated with a pergola to not only withstand the outdoor elements, but to embrace them.

Under your outdoor pergola, your friends and

round fire pit

family can enjoy the season next to a custom outdoor fireplace, big screen TV, and comfy weatherproof furniture set. You can all celebrate the holiday season and its weather first-hand, without enduring the harsh elements.

On a Paver Patio

If you plan on having an extravagant holiday celebration and will need more covered space than a pergola will provide, extend your outdoor room by adding an event tent to your paver patioInterlocking pavers provide a unique benefit for outdoor events; they provide a solid foundation that will not succumb to rain, snow, or shifting ground.

Interlocking paving systems are not rigid like asphalt or cement, which expand and crack due to extreme heat and cold. Pavers provide the flexibility and durability to stand up to extreme weather – and a few friends!

While holiday celebrations should last, so should the foundation that the celebration is held upon. An event tent on pavers can accommodate as many friends and family members as you need, bringing what would normally be an indoor holiday to the beautiful outdoors.

By a Custom Fire Element

Imagine this year’s Christmas or New Year’s celebration held in your backyard with all the festivities being held in front of a custom-built outdoor fireplace or fire pit.

Warmth is always a question of concern when it comes to staying outdoors for an extended period of time. Having an outdoor fireplace or custom fire pit installed does more than simply add a space to provide warmth to guests at your next holiday celebration. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit are centerpieces for sparking meaningful conversations and creating lifelong memories.

fireplace will last for decades beyond your outdoor soiree. Through winter, fall, a and brisk evenings during the spring and summer, your backyard will see celebration after celebration, beginning with this season’s holiday festivities.

christmas decor

Remodeling your outdoor living space extends the time your family, friends, and loved ones can spend outside enjoying your yard and the surrounding wonders of winter. Imagine having everyone you know celebrating the holidays outdoors in your beautifully decorated backyard. Your outdoors can be exquisitely transformed into a place to host your winter celebrations, creating an atmosphere of warmth and togetherness.

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