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hot tub and pool with pool deck pavers

3 Ways To Create The Ultimate Backyard Staycation Destination

Published Date: May 8, 2019

Summer is right around the corner, and there’s no reason that your backyard can’t double as an ideal at-home vacation destination for you and your family. There are so many unique ways to bring elements of a summer vacation home to your outdoor spaces. 

Pool Pavers

The pride and joy of every vacation – a pool. Creating the right aesthetic around the pool can make or break those ‘staycation vibes’. So, to start yourself off on the right foot (and with the right aesthetic), pool pavers are the way to go.

Having the best pavement option around your pool is incredibly important since this is often the central and most used part of your backyard during summer months. Paving stones are not only more pleasing to the eye than concrete, but they're able to be personalized to match your home's architectural style.

Pool pavers also absorb less heat than other surfaces making them more practical for bare feet in the summertime. Best of all, they are naturally non-slick, so pool time will be safer and more fun for everyone.

Outdoor Kitchens

The next important element to consider for your endless summer is an outdoor kitchen. Much like a fine dining experience, this will provide a unique and fun cooking opportunity for you and your loved ones any day of the week. Not to mention a chance to spend some time enjoying the fresh air.

Outdoor kitchens are an excellent space to gather for quality time. It's true when most chef's say, 'the kitchen is the heart of the home'. From making homemade pizzas with the kiddos to grilling up some favorite summer snacks, the options for dining outdoors are endless with an outdoor kitchen. 

Plus, with an outdoor kitchen and dining option, you can really bring those pool resort vibes home to enjoy for a lifetime of summer fun. Equip your kitchen with a kegerator, fridge, sink and trash shoot so that you have everything you could need without having to leave your summer oasis!

outdoor kitchen


Lastly, no backyard vacation spot is complete without the perfect pergola to provide you shade and comfort on even the hottest and sunniest days this summer.

This element can often be overlooked, especially when you’re scrambling to get all of the perfect accessories and activities together on top of arranging your staycation space. They are important to remember, though, because they can protect you, your family and your guests from the sweltering summer sun.

Plus, this element can double as a cabana to provide additional staycation vibes! Add that extra touch of luxury with a few oversized loungers and even a misting machine to really get in the spirit of summer.

nice patio with outdoor lighting, pergola

Summer Staycation Fun

Sure, vacations can be fun and exciting, but they also tend to come with a great deal of hassle and even greater price tags. While these pricey experiences can be enjoyable, investing in a space that provides a return every summer for a lifetime is a far better reward. 

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