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3 Ways To Cozy Up Your Outdoor Space For Fall Entertaining

Published Date: Oct 11, 2018

Fall is such a beautiful season. The summer heat gives way to warm, enjoyable days and cooler, breezier nights. It’s also the season when homeowners can take advantage of their gorgeous outdoor living space. Summer barbeques were fun, but now there is an opportunity to have quaint, relaxing dinner parties with friends, family, and neighbors.

Anyone can create a cozy outdoor environment for entertaining during the fall with these three outdoor ideas:

1. Food and Beverage Station

Pumpkin spice lattes, hot cocoa, spiked apple cider, are a few classic fall beverages. Everyone wants a warm mug in his or her hands as they mingle out in the cool air and enjoy great company.

Homeowners can set up a bar at their outdoor kitchen, with large thermoses containing the beverages listed above. Now imagine having a grill in the same area, where cinnamon bread, pumpkin spice donuts, and smores can be grilled to perfection!

2. Stay Cozy

An open hardscape is perfect for the summer. However, that fall weather tends to make people want to stay inside. Making an outdoor space cozier for fall simply takes a few décor tricks. Start by adding a plush, outdoor rug to the paver patio to add texture and material that holds heat. Next throw down some bean bag chairs, oversized cushions and a few blankets around the rug for added comfort.

From there you’ll want to turn on that fire pit or outdoor fireplace and encourage guests or family to grab a bean bag with some blankets and come mingle around the fire. Being able to wrap up in a blanket while listening to the crackling of the flames, as everyone sips on fall drinks, sounds like paradise at home!

cozy fire pit

3. Add Heat and Light

As mentioned, a fire element is a must when wanting to make any outdoor space cozier for the cooler seasons. But depending on the size of a space and how big the gathering is, a single fire pit may not be enough to heat the entire area where people are huddled.

In these cases, a few heat lamps will go a long way. When throwing a party for friends, family or work colleagues, these heat lamps will add the necessary warmth guests need to mingle around the yard and enjoy themselves without being uncomfortably cold.

Setting up a professional grade outdoor lighting design is also a good idea. Proper outdoor lighting is a must when the sun is setting earlier and homeowners still want to spend time outdoors or entertain at night. Having a cohesive lighting setup helps to create an ambiance that best matches the season.

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With these outdoor ideas and elements, homeowners will be ready to keep entertaining outdoors well into the winter months. So invite those neighbors over, bust out those blankets, make that spiced cider and enjoy this gorgeous season outdoors!

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