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3 Ways To Celebrate National Relaxation Day In Style

Published Date: Aug 6, 2019

Enhance Your Experience on National Relaxation Day

As National Relaxation Day approaches, everyone looks forward to taking a step back from their fast-paced lives to unwind and enjoy the moment. You may be thinking up elaborate plans for the holiday, such as planning a trip to a resort or going out to a nearby park for a sunset picnic. However, a low key and intimate activity can also be rewarding, especially on a day meant for peaceful downtime.

Imagine spending an entire day kicking back in your outdoor living space, sipping on iced tea or wine, and experiencing the moment. Taking a day off from your usual routine to read a book, or possibly just lounging around as the day goes by to relax.

Here are a few ideas on how you can perfect your backyard to celebrate National Relaxation Day for years to come.

Add a Gorgeous Water Feature

Water features are an incredible addition to any outdoor space, especially if you already have plants and flowers set up. A classy and elegant water feature allows you to switch off your mind for a few minutes as you listen to the gentle flow of water. This helps set the ambiance of the area to put yourself in a relaxed state and enjoy your natural surroundings.

With a custom rain feature, your backyard is transformed into an outdoor oasis. Now you can enhance simple enjoyments like taking a glass of wine outside and sitting on a chair, as you close your eyes, listen to the water, and take in the atmosphere.

Set up Artificial Turf for Maximum Leisure

Tired of lugging around yoga mats each time you want to stretch or get in a session outdoors? Frustrated that spending a few minutes playing on the grass results in uncomfortable itchiness or divots that are hard to hide? Artificial turf can solve those problems while also adding to the appeal of your yard.

Turf is smooth enough for rolling out yoga mats for a little backyard stretching, yoga or meditation. What better way to unwind on a day meant for relaxation then with some deep breathing and guided yoga? There are even some great yoga videos out there for kids, so you can easily get the whole family involved in this activity!

outdoor yoga on turf

Gather Around a Fire Pit

As the summer heat turns into a cool autumn breeze, the nights get longer and colder. However, the sun setting earlier does not mean the end of the celebrations on National Relaxation Day, especially if you have a fire pit in your backyard.

A fire pit can become the focal point of your outdoor space, as everyone admires its charm, elegance, and beauty. As the sun sets and the moon rises, you can turn on your fire pit to create that natural warmth where you and others can enjoy. Whether you are sitting down with family or enjoying the company of friends, you can enjoy some delicious drinks and tell stories while you marvel at the beauty of the fire.

sunk in firepit in a backyard

National Relaxation Day is about taking a step back from your intense daily routine to unwind and appreciate life. There is no need to plan an elaborate trip when you can have the best day right at home!

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