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3 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day All Year Long

Published Date: Apr 18, 2018

Earth Day is an important day for our entire planet. It's the only day out of the entire year when people in every continent celebrate the Earth and the progress humanity has made in protecting the environment. But Earth Day is not something that should be celebrated one time a year - it should be a year-round commitment to bettering the environment, enhancing sustainable practices and giving back to Mother Nature. To help commence this year-round commitment to our planet, explore these three ways that everyone can celebrate Earth Day year-round with their community. 1. Community Tree Planting

Every few months, the entire neighborhood can get together and pick a location where they will plant trees. Whether it is in a major city or suburb, the world can always use more trees! Pick a local park, abandoned lot, church or any city locale and talk to the owner about planting trees on their property. The impact of those planted trees may not be felt until many years later, but it is a huge step in helping the local environment. It will also help to teach children about the importance of planting trees.

2. Park or Beach Cleanup

Those who live near a beach or park can organize a cleanup trip every few months. It is amazing how much garbage people can leave when they go out to public places. While many cities do have cleanup crews for such spots, there is only so much they can do.

Everyone chipping in to help with the cleanup can make a huge difference to the environment. It also helps preserve the natural beauty of these locations. And when communities come together to help clean up parks and beaches, they begin to appreciate the importance of proper waste disposal. Instead of leaving their trash on the beach, or throwing things out their car window, people subconsciously begin to care more about where they throw garbage.

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3. Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Natural grass looks beautiful when it is allowed to grow in ideal conditions, however, it also requires a lot of water to grow and remain in pristine condition. Unfortunately, it is not always ideal to consistently use the amount of water needed to maintain a beautiful lawn, especially in areas where droughts are commonplace. Talking with other homeowners in the neighborhood and encouraging the use and installation of artificial turf in place of real grass can make all the difference.

Artificial turf is affordable, eco-friendly, looks stunning, and does not require much maintenance. When installed, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between the turf and real grass. And most importantly, it requires a mere fraction of the water to maintain artificial turf compared to traditional grass lawns.

In addition, artificial turf lawns have adequate drainage to prevent the growth of mold or build up. The drainage also allows the little water you do use to get back into the soil. Quality artificial turf is fantastic for the planet as it provides a way to keep a beautiful lawn without wasting water or having to use chemicals that can harm children or animals.

Earth Day is a beautiful moment each year, when the world gets together to celebrate the environment they sometimes take for granted. But it is so important to care about the environment during the years. Even the smallest changes can make a huge difference. 

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