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3 Ways To Beat The Heat In Your Outdoor Retreat

Published Date: Jul 16, 2017

We’re sure everyone has noticed by now what a hot summer we’re having this year. And if you haven’t noticed, it’s time to put down the cell phone and take a look outside! The headlines just keep rolling in:

  • “Summer 2017 Temperature Outlook: Hotter Than Average in Parts of South and West” -


  • “The last time the Earth was this warm was 125,000 years ago” -

    USA Today


  • California sees some of highest temperatures ever recorded amid heat wave” -

    LA Times

Just because it’s so hot outside this summer doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the simple pleasures of outdoor living while also staying cool in your own back or front yard. All you need is a little pergola shade and some help from the right outdoor living elements:

Cooling off with Pool Pavers

A nice, hot day with beautiful blue skies is truly great weather for any kind of pool activity. First things, first- safety. Keep your pool both stylish and safe while relaxing or playing with pool pavers. Pool pavers are elegant yet offer a naturally non-slick surface to limit slipping around the pool. PRO TIP: Choosing a color and style that fits perfectly with the architectural design of your house will help increase your home’s property value in the long run.

Now it’s time to head to the pool to enjoy a leisurely swim, or kick up the excitement by bringing out the pool toys and setting up a cannon ball competition! If your pool isn’t deep enough for diving contests, easily swap out the cannon ball competition for a competitive game of Marco Polo or Fish Out of Water.

Minimizing Lawn Maintenance with Artificial Turf

It’s time to put down those lawn care tools and pick up some quality time with family and loved ones. Don’t spend another minute mowing your lawn or weed whacking in this sweltering summer heat. These unseasonably hot summers are one of many great reasons to install quality artificial turf in your yard(s). It’s green all year and never grows, so you don’t have to sweat (literally) doing necessary lawn maintenance in the middle of a heat wave.

Instead, you can sip a cold iced tea under a shaded pergola while you watch the kids play freely in water sprinklers and slip-n-slides on your artificial lawn. Great news, since SP Turf is installed with the proper drainage and has NO soil you won’t have to worry about muddy footprints coming into the house or pooling water in the lawn. Essentially, artificial turf keeps the whole family cool with its minimal maintenance and ideal durability.

kids playing in sprinkler

Choosing the Right Time to go Outside

According to an article recently published on Health.com- “Hot temperatures can mess you’re your body in all sorts of sneaky ways.” Whether it be making you feel fatigued, short of breath, or stuffed up- heat can affect the body in many negative ways. To maximize your time outdoors while keeping cool, try getting outside early in the morning or later in the evenings. If you’re up with the sun, great! You’ll have plenty of natural light at dawn to get your gardening or morning workout in. If you’re looking to wait until the evenings to spend time outside, be sure you can see your way around your front or back yard after the sun sets with quality outdoor LED lighting and mood-setting fire elements.

System Pavers offers fully integrated outdoor lighting systems that help showcase the beauty of your home and provide the secondary benefits of safety features while extending the hours of use of your outdoor living space. Add an outdoor fire pit for a perfect, cozy ambiance.

couple on patio at night

With the help of these outdoor living elements, you can beat the heat this summer and stay cool while enjoying life outdoors.

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