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paver driveway in snow

3 Reasons To Start Your Outdoor Remodel During Winter

Published Date: Dec 5, 2019

With families spending their days staying warm and cozy inside, the winter season offers the perfect opportunity to start a new outdoor remodel! There are many benefits to transforming your outdoors now, so let's explore the possibilities. Convenience

Enjoy all the excitement of planning your dream outdoor remodel without ever stepping foot in the cold, winter weather. Meet with a design expert via an online consultation and together, along with state-of-art technology and aerial imagery, we can create a space where your loved ones will gather for years to come. All this while relaxing in the comfort of your living room.


While most indoor remodels are best started during the dryer warmer months, the cold and wet weather is a perfectly suitable environment for installing hardscapes such as paving stones.  Unlike doing work on the structure of the home, the rainy weather can make the process easier.

The natural rainfall will aid installation crews in preparing a stable foundation for your paver patio, walkway or driveway. It takes a substantial amount of water to pack the soil down just right before laying the paving stones. Eliminating the need to haul water to the job makes the entire process easier, faster and more eco-friendly.


Since remodeling businesses can experience a slow down come winter, you're likely to find better deals and shorter installation windows this time of year. Waiting for the warmer months can mean longer installation timeframes and the potential of missing out on enjoying your new space when the weather is at its best. 

Opting to start your remodel anytime between December-February can potentially save you more and allow you to enjoy that beautiful spring-time weather in a dreamy outdoor environment. 

outdoor kitchen and pavers

With lower costs, more availability on the schedule and ideal weather conditions, the winter season is the best time to start transforming your home into an outdoor paradise. By the time spring rolls around you’ll be thanking yourself when that dream outdoor space is already completed and waiting for you!

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