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3 Pool Party Themes For Any Occasion

Published Date: Jul 22, 2018

Summer is in full swing, and so is the heat! People everywhere are looking for fun ways to stay cool in their downtime. The feeling of comfort and ease from jumping into some cool water on a blazing hot day is unmatched. So if you’re a homeowner with a pool, why not host a pool party your friends won’t be able to forget?

Throwing a themed pool party is a great idea for this summer. Who doesn’t want to go to a pool party, especially one with a fun and interesting theme? Here are three exciting ideas for your summer pool party.

Bahamas Pool Party

Imagine being on a stunning island with picturesque beaches, fruity cocktails and the smell of the ocean. This type of vibe that can easily be recreated with a Bahamas-themed pool party!

A Bahamas pool party should be laid back and comfortable, capturing that beach vibe effortlessly. Sand and turquoise are two colors that will go very nicely with this party, helping to remind people of those sandy white beaches and crystal-clear sea every time they go to get a drink or another plate of food.

A few fresh fish dishes are a must. It’s easy to find authentic recipes for Bahamian food online. Go with easy-to-eat snacks such as Bahamian style conch saladconch fritters, or Bahamian macaroni and cheese that will be easier to whip up at your outdoor kitchen.

And no Bahama-themed pool party is complete without some Bahama Mama cocktails or Goombay  Smash’s. Consider setting up a mini bar over on your turf lawn where guests can make their own drinks. And if you plan on opening up the invitation for it to be a kid-friendly event, all drinks can be made virgin style as well!

paver pool deck

Mexican Pool Fiesta

When people think of Mexican-themed parties and the summer, margaritas are usually the first thing that comes to mind! Delicious margaritas and micheladas, horchatas and agua frescas are the perfect summer pool fiesta options. Each drink has unique flavors and will definitely help enhance the theme of the party.

For décor, do it up! Bring out those bright fiesta colors such as red, yellow-orange, blue and green. Grab a piñata at the party supply store and fill it with Mexican candy. Add in a few cacti details, some hanging banners and you’re ready to fiesta!

The beauty of a Mexican-themed pool party is that you have so many food options. Mexican style street tacos are a simple yet delicious option. Setting up a taco bar on the paver patio would be perfect. Go with simple ingredients, such as steak, carnitas, and chicken, that can be cooked quickly on your built in BBQ grill. Accompany the taco meats with fresh corn or flour tortillas, a few salsa selections and plenty of toppings. Don’t forget the limes!

people dancing

Mediterranean Escape Theme

Mezze platter with grilled pita bread is the perfect way to introduce Mediterranean food to your guests. Everyone will be raving over this amazingly delicious snack, especially if they have an amazing cocktail to sip on, too.

The Juniperotivo is a delicious cocktail from this region that is a must for any themed pool party. It is so simple to make, as it is a combination of mint leaves, gin, simple syrup, lime juice and pomegranate syrup. It’s tangy, fruity, fresh and has a lovely kick to it.

Summer is here, and it is time to party! These themed pool parties are an excellent way to bring a unique twist to a traditional type gathering with friends and family.

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