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3 Outdoor Trends For Summer 2017

Published Date: May 29, 2017

Design experts are saying 2017 is the year for homeowners to push the boundaries with both the interior and exterior design of their homes. Look out for more homeowners delighting themselves and their guests this year with plenty of bold textures and eye-catching colors to accent their living spaces. When considering how to tie these new elements into your home, be sure to follow these three outdoor design trends for Summer 2017:  1. Indoor Setups Outside

Outdoor dining and lounge furniture is beginning to look more and more like interior furniture. The trend is toward bigger and comfier, as opposed to the previous norm of more stiff and Spartan patio furniture. It’s time to bring that cozy feeling you get inside your family room, to your outdoor living room. You can find waterproof couch sets almost anywhere, or even make one yourself.


Keeping in mind the aesthetic of your home’s interior when designing your outdoor living area observes good unity of design. For instance, you might want to use a similar color palette in outdoor fabrics and paint to really tie your indoor/outdoor living spaces together.


Final enhancements to your patio or backyard living space for summer could include a cozy and inviting outdoor fireplace or fire pit for a warm glow on a beautiful night or a water feature for an equally soothing and natural ambiance, especially in a garden.

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2. Natural Materials

Going back to that trend of updated outdoor furniture and décor, remember that natural materials are way in this year. You’ll see a lot more heavily textured, natural materials in and outside of homes this summer.


Wicker/Rattan is lightweight, comfortable and can add a cool, coastal or rustic, retro feel to your outdoor space. Teak, cedar, pine, and eucalyptus wood are sturdy, stable materials for furniture and can all withstand the test of time with proper care.


Accenting the rustic look of natural materials will be the trend of bold, eye-catching patterns. Statement patterns include floral, paisley, exotic-themed, mosaic and tropical-themed prints. An outdoor weatherproof chaise lounge with cushions covered in a cool, green floral print is a great example of how to tie this trend into your existing décor.


3. Fun Printed Pillows

Remember, the big trend in outdoor dining and lounge furniture right now is comfier furniture. So be sure to dress up your hardscape and natural material decor with big, fluffy pillows full of unique accent patterns. Consider a tangier stitch weather-proof square pouf with an exotic oriental pattern and matching outdoor pillows on an amply cushioned outdoor sofa or sectional.


Fully furnished outdoor living spaces with rugs and decor included are also emerging as the norm in 2017. In terms of colors for your prints, think jewel/mosaic tones, like emerald or amethyst, that can add some vibrancy to their surrounding decor. Greenery is also in vogue this year, so if you haven’t added a dash of green, however modest, to your indoor and outdoor living space, keep that in mind as you decorate for the Summer.

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Outdoor Living

What is summer without the joys of outdoor living? Over the years, creating an outdoor space worthy of memory making has become a year-round lifestyle. So, if you really want to give your entire outdoor space a full makeover, do it. Install a paver patio for dinners al fresco style, create an outdoor kitchen to stay connected with your guests while you cook, opt for always green and never thirsty artificial turf for kid-friendly play all day every day. Your family, friends and future memories will thank you for your chosen outdoor upgrades.

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