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3 Outdoor Trends And Innovations For Summer 2018

Published Date: Jun 7, 2018

Spending time outdoors during the warm summer months is easily one of the most enjoyable experiences of the season. It becomes an annual trend for many young homeowners to spend most of their quality times outdoors once the kids are out of school. With summer fast approaching, naturally now is the best time to make a few outdoor upgrades and create an environment where the whole family and all your friends will love spending time in. Here are the most interesting outdoor trends and innovations to consider before you start making your outdoor upgrades for summer 2018.

1. Creating Active Play Spaces

In a day in age where technology is at the forefront of everything we do, not spending enough time being active outdoors has become a major dilemma for many. Setting up a dedicated outdoor play space for kids (and adults, too) is a great way to encourage everyone to put down their phones or tablets and spend more time outdoors instead.

One way to create designated play area boundaries is by setting up artificial turf in part of the yard. Artificial turf is very durable and can easily withstand day to day playtime activities! Adding some accessories to the backyard, such as a soccer net, corn hole set, bocce ball area or small swing set would make the space even more appealing.

Summer is the best season to get excited about being outdoors. Take the kids away from their tablets and video games. Teach them a new sport, how to ride a bike or just simply enjoy quality time together while soaking up that vitamin D.

swing set

2. Integration of Advanced Outdoor Technology

Sunshine fading away into dark starry skies while you and guests are enjoying your outdoor space? Not to worry! The latest outdoor lighting products come with wireless integration, ensuring complete control of the lighting system using a smartphone, wireless remote or tablet. Pretty much everything outdoors can be synced to this wireless control, from the lights to the speakers in the backyard, outdoor TV, pool lights and even pergola fans. Bluetooth speakers are especially useful for outdoors, as they are typically wireless.

More technologically advanced lighting sets even include dimmers, where you can easily create a unique ambiance outdoors depending on the occasion. If the family is enjoying a quiet dinner outdoors, lights can be dimmed halfway. And if you have guests over, turn the lights up bright and really get the party started!

If there are water features in the backyard, such as a small water feature, homeowners really can do some amazing things with lighting technology to increase the impact of these features. Some water feature lights can actually host a variety of colors that can easily be controlled by your smartphone device, or lights can be set up behind the water feature to add depth to the element itself.

3. Using Nature to Boost Your Lifestyle

In more recent years, many studies have shown that people who spend more time outdoors have lower stress levels, higher activity levels, better health, and live an overall happier life. It is important to dedicate time to spend outdoors, especially for those who lead a busy lifestyle or work full time indoors. Florescent lights, long hours looking at a computer screen and non-ergonomic desk setups all take a toll mentally and physically. Taking a 10-minute break to walk around the office building or setting aside an hour of outdoor time on the weekend to garden or meditate will help boost energy and release serotonin.

planting flowers

While outdoors, try to focus on just that- being outside. If you can, leave your phone and all distractions inside. Instead, bring out a good book, listen to the surrounding sounds or natural wildlife. Homeowners could even go so far as to create a little nature oasis in the backyard - a space where someone can go to be alone and get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. There are actually outdoor designs and landscape that can help add to the relaxation element of being outdoors. Peace Lilies and Chinese Evergreens are two plants that help a lot in this regard.

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