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3 Outdoor Fire Features To Warm Up Your Winter

Published Date: Dec 21, 2017

Do you have a gorgeous area your front or backyard where you enjoy spending time with loved ones all year long? Maybe a paving stone patio or pergola shaded deck? If so, there's no reason to hide out indoors at any point during the year, even winter. Sure, there will be some days where it’s far too cold to sit or stand around outside without added heat. But by upgrading your outdoor space with a fire element, you can create a lovely area where you can stay warm while enjoying fresh winter air and your home’s beautiful exterior. Here are three fire elements that will transform your yard into an all season hangout space: Fire Bowls

Fire bowls are great for many reasons. They come in a wide variety of styles and colors, require little to no maintenance, and always look beautiful. There's nothing more welcoming and eye-catching than seeing a fire bowl prominently displayed well-designed paver patio. Because they're portable, you can easily place your fire bowl wherever you want to enjoy the warm glow of flickering flames.

Fire Pits

Using a fire pit is a similar concept to a fire bowl, except that a fire pit can be completely customized from the ground up. Some fire pits are circular in shape, while others may be rectangular or even L-shaped. If you're looking for a permanent fire pit that's convenient and adds value to your space, work with a design consultant to choose your perfect style and get it installed. We offer FREE consultations and can show you your full array of options. Simply click here to get started.

If you're looking for something a bit less permanent, look into the many freestanding fire pit options. Top brands such as Solo Stove and Terraflame offer a wide array of fire pit options to suit your needs and decorating style. Once you pick a fire pit, it's time to invite friends over for a backyard smores! If you really want to amp up the fun, get an outdoor projector and host movie night as you all gather around the fire pit.

stone fire pit


Fireplace is suitable for both indoor and outdoor living. If you’re thinking about a way to keep warm while enjoying your front or backyard area, including a paver fireplace is a great idea. A custom paver fireplace adds a more personal touch to your exterior design, as these structures are fully built into the hardscape and often serve as the centerpiece in which an entire project is designed around.

It’s always recommended to have a fireplace in outdoor living areas that offer plenty of space. For instance, if you have a smaller area where you’d primarily like to hang out and enjoy outdoor activities or sports in, you may want to reconsider a large fireplace and opt for a smaller fire pit instead. But if you have a rather large backyard or outdoor living area, then a fireplace will act as a stunning focal point and add plenty of warmth for year-round enjoyment.

The installation of a fire element in your outdoor living space will completely transform how you feel about spending time outdoors during the cooler months!

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