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stone fire pit

3 Fire Pit Designs Perfect For Your Outdoor Living Lifestyle

Published Date: Jan 25, 2017

Many people say the kitchen is the heart of the home. But what if you spend all your time outdoors? Well then instead of the stove being the center of attention, you should consider having a fire pit as the focal point on your custom patio. Now keep in mind, even though most assume they are, a fire pit isn't just a pile of rocks in a circle. These beautiful structures are custom designed, fully installed, and come in wide variety of stone type and styles. Not to mention that a fire pit will add character to your outdoor living space. But with so many options to choose from, how will you decide which style is best for you and your outdoor space? We recommend starting with these equally unique styles:

1. Rectangular If you mention a fire pit to a stranger, they likely imagine that rudimentary pile of stones mentioned above. And while that stone pile would technically house a fire, it surely isn't the safest nor the most stylish option for your outdoor living space. Maybe you love the warmth and ambiance provided by a fire pit but not fond of that traditional 'pit' look. If this sounds familiar, you can surely consider this unique alternative: a straight, rectangular fire pit. Housed inside a 2-foot high stone or brick rectangle, this fire pit is elegant and produces a high-end look.

A rectangular fire pit isn't one that initially brings to mind camping or s'mores, but we definitely encourage digging into some marshmallow?-chocolate goodness regardless! This long, rectangular fire pit option goes perfectly at the edge of a patio next to a retaining wall or even paired with a built-in paver bench. This setup will also provide additional seating to accommodate large numbers of guests. A rectangular fire pit is also a wonderful option for homeowners who enjoy hosting dinner parties in their outdoor kitchens.

2.  Bonfire-style No matter the size your yard, a circular, bonfire-style fire pit will fit in perfectly. Because of its round shape, you can easily sit your family around the edges to gather for warmth and entertainment. Add a bench in the same natural stone as the fire pit so you have ample seating for everyone.  The bench also serves as a way to break your yard into different areas, such as the hangout space versus the lawn where you play games together. Having designated zones encourages certain behaviors in each area.

stone fire pit on pavers

3.  Contemporary You're probably thinking, "What other fire pits could there possibly be?" For those who want to fit a fire pit into a unique shape, like the corner of a patio or backyard, a contemporary fire pit is the perfect option. These L-shaped features offer a centerpiece for your conversations. Create seating around the warm glow with a large outdoor sectional sofa or an arrangement of stylish chairs. You could even install this fire pit on a patio space near a BBQ island to offer another seating area when spending time with guests. Those who enjoy watching movies on colder nights would love to gather loved ones around their new angular fire pit to gaze off at an awesome flick playing on an outdoor media center.

patio with fire pit

Whether you already have a fire place and you're looking for an upgrade or you're trying to find a design that fits your space, there is a fire pit option that's perfect for your needs. 

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