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pavers with fire pit

3 Backyard Upgrades That Can Enhance Your Outdoor Living Lifestyle

Published Date: Jul 27, 2016

What you put into your backyard is what you get out of it. Naturally, a lawn of overgrown grass and weeds with no place to sit makes for a stressful environment. A backyard of artificial grass, hardscape design like barbecue islands and plenty of lounge-worthy furniture, on the other hand, creates a relaxing oasis.

Just because your backyard is outdoors doesn't mean it isn't an integral part of your home. With a few upgrades, you can create more than just a beautiful sight out your kitchen window. This move also enhances your lifestyle by constructing a place to unwind alone or celebrate with family and friends. Check out these three trending ways to enhance your outdoor living lifestyle:

1. #FirePits keep the party going all night long If your home is the hot spot for entertainment, you need a way to keep the atmosphere upbeat even after the sun goes down. That's why a fire pit is so integral to your backyard design. Not only does it add warmth to help with the nighttime chill, but it serves as an outdoor lighting source to keep folks safe. You don't want friends and family trying to navigate the yard without being able to see!

Of course, updating your backyard with a fire pit is more than just a matter of convenience and practicality - it can also significantly contribute to the aesthetics of your space. As Houzz explained, if you aim to surround the feature with outdoor furniture, ensure it's at about eye level when sitting. This not only allows the fire pit to fit into your custom patio design seamlessly, but this placement also makes the addition a focal point of the yard.

As far as the look of the fire pit goes, make it your own. System Pavers gives homeowners the unique opportunity to customize their fire pits to coincide with the backyard. Square, round, natural stone or Capri, the options are endless.

Integrate a fire pit with your outdoor design.

2. A custom #patio gives your family a space to gather You can carry features of your indoor space to the outdoors with a little strategy. For example, if your home is filled with hues of blue, you may pick a similar shade for your natural stone walkways. However, you can also carry on larger concepts, such as mimicking the more closed or open space of your home. Either way, creating rooms, so to speak, in a backyard is essential. Easily do this with a custom patio.

A surface area of stone pavers under an awning or just by themselves acts as a gathering point for family and friends. Without this crucial element, the yard remains undefined, and guests won't know where to group together for conversation and fun. The whole idea of creating an entertainment-ready backyard is to enjoy life a little bit more and spend time with those who matter most - don't let the absence of a custom patio stop you from doing just that.

"A stone deck can fit around any pool."

3. #PoolDecks are perfect for summer lounging Gone are the days of wood decks that crack over the seasons. With System Pavers, you can have a beautiful stone pool deck that complements a gorgeously designed backyard. Not only could it potentially save your pool from dirt and grime tracked in from kids walking on the grass, but it also makes outdoor living so much more relaxing.

With a large enough pool deck, you can invite friends over and lounge while watching the little ones swim. Just equip your space with plenty of lawn chairs so everyone can enjoy this hardscape design feature.

Additionally, a stone deck can fit around any pool - regardless of the size or shape. Whether you have a small hot tub or a large, oblong in-ground pool, you'll find something that fits your needs. Plus, chlorine and salt water won't hinder this product's long lifespan.

The gateway to your relaxation oasis is merely a step outside your door with the right outdoor upgrades. The look and accessibility of your backyard can enhance your lifestyle and contribute to a happier you. So do yourself and your family a favor and hop on these trending upgrades!

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