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great wall

3 Architectural Wonders Sure To Inspire Your Backyard Design

Published Date: Oct 11, 2016

What is your muse for outdoor living design? Perhaps you enjoy incorporating book themes in the backyard, like intertwining twinkling lights amid a pergola for the romantic Pride and Prejudice atmosphere. Maybe you've chosen a design theme, such as coastal, where you've integrated hues of blue in your pavers and given the backyard a beachy theme. Those who appreciate high-quality hardscape may turn to the architectural wonders of the world for inspiration. Here are a few to consider when remodeling your outdoor space.

Great Wall of China Dating back to the third century B.C., the Great Wall of China has made a lasting mark on world history. The structure was previously believed to run about 5,000 miles long, but according to Time magazine, recent research revealed it may span more than 13,000 miles across 15 provinces. It has been said that the Great Wall of China wasn't so great at keeping people out, but it does set China apart as an independent and strong nation.

Backyard inspiration: You don't have to install a towering fence to secure a bit of privacy. A shorter retaining wall can section off your yard while still creating an open-concept space.

Stonehenge Stonehenge has long evoked a sense of mystery. Who built it? Why is it there? Conspiracies of aliens and giants have run rampant for years, but today, historians generally agree it was its roots stem back 5,000 years ago. According to History, most researchers say the monument was built in three stages and was used as an ancient burial ground.

Backyard inspiration: You can mimic Stonehenge's structure with hardscape design. For instance, consider using natural stones for your pergolas or BBQ islands.

paver driveway

Capture the Colosseum theme with natural stones.

The Colosseum If you think the Colosseum in Rome is magnificent today, just consider what it looked like nearly 2,000 years ago when created. According to BBC, the current structure is only one-third of what it once was, as fires and earthquakes crumbled much of it. The amphitheater was used for centuries as a place for sacrifices and battles to the death, leaving the site with a rich but dark history.

Backyard inspiration: While you can easily integrate stone in your outdoor space to mimic the Colosseum, there are other exciting avenues of inspiration when it comes to this structure. The outside of the Colosseum is grand, but it's not until you get inside that the details truly come to life. Do this in your own backyard by having some hardscape design visible from the outside, like a retaining wall or a large pergola, and grant visitors the chance to soak in all the details when entering the yard. A small stone water feature in a lovely garden is just the type of subtle touch that makes an outdoor space absolutely magnificent. Otherwise, integrate that beautiful, rounded shape of the Colosseum into your hardscape.

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