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3 American Themed Ideas For Your 4th of July Party

Published Date: Jun 26, 2018

Everyone’s favorite summer holiday, the 4th of July, is fast approaching. It’s a wonderful occasion where family and friends get together, enjoy the great weather, make some delicious food and spend quality time together while celebrating America’s independence!  Here are some ideas for fun 4th of July celebrations that will not only entertain guests but will also remind everyone of the greatness that is the United Stated of America.

Create an American History Quiz

Adults love quizzes, especially when there are drinks and prizes involved. While the food is cooking at the outdoor kitchen, people can gather inside and play a few rounds of trivia featuring American history. It’s easy to find sample trivia and quiz games online about American history. Depending on the party hosts creativity level and knowledge of American history, the game can also be created completely from scratch.

The beauty of such a game is that everyone gets to share their knowledge of American history, from the renowned to the obscure. With cocktails in hand, gather around your outdoor dining area and enjoy making others drink when you guess the right answer. The host can even put up a small prize for the winning team, such as gift cards or 4th of July themed goodie bags!

Come Up with a Fun and Patriotic Scavenger Hunt

Homeowners who have a full outdoor living setup with a stunning paver walkway and BBQ island will have plenty of room to entertain guests for the 4th of July. Setting up a little scavenger hunt around your outdoor living space and yard can be a fun way to get everyone’s energy levels up after feasting on hamburgers, hotdogs and potato salad.

To accommodate all your guests, try creating two versions of the scavenger hunt - one for adults and one for kids. The kids can play outside, running around the yard and looking for small items like mini American flags, star pins, tennis balls, sparklers and more. There could even be a small scavenger hunt inside for the adults, provided guests can be trusted not to break anything!

sparkler american flag

Have Fun with Water Balloon Dodgeball

While the adults are hanging out on the paver patio and sipping summer cocktails and beer, the kids could play some water balloon dodgeball on the artificial turf lawn. Or, everyone can join in for a massive water balloon dodgeball party! Buy water balloons that are red, white and blue, keeping everything American theme for the day.

Fill them up with water and have two buckets on opposite sides of the yard. It is dodgeball elevated with water balloons! Who could be bored with that?

Once the sun starts to set and the night settles, it’s time for a few small fireworks! Have the kids pull out the sparklers they found during the scavenger hunt, add in a few more for the adults to light, and watch the magic happen. Make sure to keep all firework play in the street, away from anything flammable. And be sure your party crowd stays a safe distance from the firework lighting point.

girl with sparklers

With this and any additional personal touches homeowners might want to add, the 4th of July party of the year will surely be happening at your home. 

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