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round fire pit on pavers

2 Ways To Re-Design A Small Outdoor Space

Published Date: Feb 6, 2018

Having a smaller outdoor area doesn’t mean it can’t be transformed into a dream outdoor living space. Too many homeowners ignore their small gardens or patio areas, thinking nothing interesting can come from such a small space. This is where design intuition comes in. Sure, the result may not actually be a larger sized yard, but utilizing the right outdoor products and seeking a little support from a design professional can easily make your seemingly small space appear larger than what actually meets the eye. All it takes is a little bit of ingenuity and design expertise. Here are two ways to re-design a small outdoor space:

1. Artificial Turf and a BBQ Island

For a small or mid-sized backyard, a division of space can offer great versatility. Instead of dedicating the entire space to one purpose, dividing it into two areas means that more than one activity is easily accommodated. If you have an active family, pets, love to entertain, or all of the above, consider sectioning the yard into two “zones”. Install artificial turf in one zone, and a paver patio with a built in BBQ island in the second zone.

Artificial turf is preferable to grass, especially for small spaces. If there are buildings in the way, or a massive tree, the grass will not get enough sunlight, meaning natural grass is going to have a hard time growing in that space. It can result in the backyard feeling very gloomy and uninspiring, or mean a lot of unnecessary yard work on your part to keep it alive. Artificial turf takes care of both these worries, looking green and pristine throughout the year without the worry of constant upkeep. Artificial turf is perfect for exercising, playing with kids and pets, or enjoying some very overrated vitamin D.

BBQ island is a perfect way to use the other zone in a smaller yard. Being able to cook outside and host parties will completely change the way homeowners feel about their house. Not only does it get them out of the kitchen for the day, but it also means everyone can gather together and enjoy the wonderful weather. It can be used to prepare dinner while the kids are playing outside or to host BBQ and dinner parties in the evenings and night. It’s surprising how quality time spent with friends and family outdoors can easily help turn a house into a home.

bbq island

2. Fire Pit and a Paver Sitting Wall

Based on their lifestyles, some homeowners and families either prefer to cook indoors or would like to utilize their space for something a little more relaxing. We encourage ALL types of outdoor living and find a small space is perfect for accommodating the relaxing vibes of a fire pit and matching paver sitting wall. Fire pits are perfect as the focal point of any outdoor space, big or small. They make everything brighter and, if placed in the proper area, can even make a small space look larger. Guests will be so entranced relaxing by the fire that the won’t even notice the size of your yard.

Paver sitting walls are the perfect accompaniment to a fire pit. Space is already limited, which means adding a bunch of chairs around the fire pit is not the best idea, nor the safest. Instead, everyone can sit on the paver sitting wall, all while staying cozy by the fire and enjoying quality time together.

No matter how you mix and match the four outdoor products listed above, choosing two and zoning your small space are the best bets for maximizing the life of your outdoor space. If you’re looking for more in-depth design support on how to maximize use of your small space, get started today with a free design consultation!

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