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jar of change

12 Days Of Winter Entertaining

Published Date: Dec 31, 2014

Day One: Create a romantic winter picnic with open-fire grilled sandwiches along with thermos’ filled warm soups. 

Day Two: Create some Potato Bites for an easy evening appetizer. 

Day Three: Setup a wildlife fund. Using an ordinary mason jar, deposit change from your pocket into it at the end of each day. At the end of winter, donate the proceeds to protect wildlife in winter climates. Day Four: Make a chart of the winter birds located in your geographic area. As you see them, take a photo with your smartphone and check them off your list. 

Day Five: Take a mini-break from winter. Curl up with your loved one, your favorite cashmere throw, a crackling fireplace and watch your favorite classic movie.

Pavers and lighted steps leading up to door with window lighting

Day Six: Light up winter nights with creative winter lighting. 

Day Seven: Use blue and silver to mimic the colors of winter. 

Day Eight: Take advantage of the crisp night air and tranquil winter sky.

Day Nine: Make your guest feel welcome. Start a fire, enjoy catching up with a glass of wine.

Day Ten: Winter Star Gazing! Find as many star constellations as you can!

sky full of stars

Day Eleven: Create unique and stunning centerpieces.

Day Twelve: Host a winter themed party. Use paper snowflake garlands, snowball shaped snacks and toasty drinks.

paper snowflakes

Photo Credit: This Heart of Mine Blog

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