System Pavers Quality Standards

SP Turf ®

  • Surface to have a natural appearance, which may include rolling undulations and moderate depressions.
  • There should be no standing water within one hour of a moderate to heavy (2 - 3 inches per hour) rain storm.
  • Synthetic turf area should be generally free of weeds; no weeds should be rooted through a properly prepared base. Some occasional weed growth may be evident as a result of seeds falling onto the top of the surface. These should be easily removable by hand.
  • Flex Board or similar bender board edge restraint and or hardscape should surround the entire turf area and turf should be tucked under to form a natural appearing edge.
  • Seams shall be stable and have a maximum gap of no more than 1/8".
  • Turf installation area shall be free of ripples or bubbles – may incur some rippling or bubbling on putting greens.
  • While synthetic turf generally requires less maintenance than natural grass, synthetic turf should be cleaned and groomed periodically. The frequency will be determined by the type and frequency of use. To prevent substantial matting, especially in high traffic areas, your turf may require professional grooming from time to time.

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