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Spread the Love this Valentine's with Little Touches that Last Forever


During this year's season of love, fall in love with your home all over again. Take the beauty of your yard to the next level while creating a relaxing place suitable for loving memories to unfold every day. Enjoy these simple yet affordable tips for bringing the romance back.

Create mini rooms throughout your outdoor spaces for the activities you love to do at home. Sectioning your outdoor living spaces is like building add-ons to your house, but under the stars, and for a lot less money. Some ideas for "mini" rooms include:

  • Like reading to unwind in the evening? Try reading to the tranquil sound of a water feature in a corner of your yard, next to tiered gardens with your favorite flowers.
  • If you enjoy relaxing by a warm fire with a good wine or loved ones, create a sitting room with a fire pit. You can add outdoor couches with lots of cushions or build in stone benches that help separate it from other areas of your outdoors.

Take Your Indoor Activities Outdoors
New technology is enabling us to do just about anything outdoors that we do indoors. You can now install the same quality of home theatre on your patio as you have inside your living room. Imagine a large screen TV you can view from your pool and outdoor speakers throughout your yard that enable you to listen to your favorite music while gardening, relaxing, or entertaining friends.

Expand Your Color Palette (Colorize)
To add continuity between your indoor spaces and your outdoor spaces, expand the colors of your home’s interior, out the door to your walkways, patios, functional elements, and more. The colors and patterns of tile floors and/or counter tops can be easily complemented with the wide variety of paving stone colors and textures available,

Add some warm simple and affordable touches to your new living rooms outdoors with linens, pillows, and pots. You can found oversized pillows at affordable places just about at any home décor or large department store, online and offline. Pick out colors that brighten up your spaces. Drape throws over couches, benches, just like you do inside, and add stylish vases, candle holders. If you have a pergola, put some nice tables or wicker chairs outside to add comfort and ambiance. Place large to small decorative pots on your walkways, near your tables and sitting areas to add big style without a lot of cost or effort. Decorating your outdoor spaces can be as fun as re-doing your indoor spaces, and in many cases, a lot more affordably.

For more ideas for adding some to your outdoor spaces, visit and browse our outdoor gallery.


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