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to your Spring in Just Days

No matter how much we love the coziness of winter, hot drinks, fireplace snuggles, and crisp starry nights, there comes a time when it’s time for a change up. More sunlight, less layers, and lighter cuisine are just some of the thoughts that start to surface this time of year. Before we know it, the early days of spring will be upon us, and our days will include those wonderful barefoot strolls around the yard, outdoor dining, and putting practice in the backyard. With the seasonal change just around the corner, now is a great time to change up your outdoor living spaces.  Here are some simple ideas to add a little more spunk to your spring and some life to a yard that might seem a bit lifeless now:

Designer Surfaces
You’ll be amazed at how quickly your home’s luxury score will go up with paving stone driveways and patios. Paving stones come in many colors and textures, and can be designed to reflect your home’s style and your personal taste. Each time you step outside of your home, you’ll be greeted by a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Outdoor Kitchen
Instead of making numerous trips carrying those roasted veggies, grilled briskets and chilled wine bottles outside from inside, install an outdoor kitchen, creating a whole new dimension to your home and your spring, summer, winter and fall.  Imagine the ambiance, function and convenience of a BBQ island and wet bar, outside. 


Personal Putting Green
There’s no better time to work on your game than when no one is watching!  Adding a little putting green turf to your yard can subtract a lot from your game this summer. With LED landscape lights, you can practice 24/7!

While it might seem like the colder, wetter days of winter linger on forever, spring is coming soon. With System Pavers’ design experts, you can have a custom design and an entire new outdoor living room in just days and a lot more life outdoors all year round!

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*With approved credit, see details

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a Wine Together

Courtesy of The California Wine Club

Making a wine together is a delightful way to learn about both wine and your winemaking sweetheart. There are a variety of ways to make wine as a pair, but our favorite is spending a romantic evening blending a new favorite at home.

7 steps to blending a perfect wine with your significant other:

1. Pick a wine varietal you enjoy. Love Cab or Chardonnay? Head in that direction.

2. Buy two to four bottles of wine for your winemaking adventure.

3. Have several carafes ready to hold your blending  trials. Use measuring cups, measuring spoons and a notepad to keep track of percentages in each blend.

4. For Chardonnay, purchase a bottle that has been made with 100% malolactic fermentation and one that was fermented and aged only in stainless steel. Blended together, these two styles can be fun.

5. If you prefer reds, you can try your hands at creating a traditional blend:

  • Bordeaux-style: Merlot combined with Cabernet Sauvignon, with the possible addition of Carmenère

  • Cabernet Franc, Malbec and/or Petit Verdot

  • Rhône-style: Syrah combined with other Rhône wines, typically Grenache and Movèdre

  • Super-Tuscan: Use wines from Tuscany. Blends often include Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot Syrah and/or Petit Verdot

6. To create a non-traditional blend, choose wines that you enjoy and go for it! There really are no rules—you can try mixing red and white.

7. Swirl, sip and choose your favorite—then confirm with a blind tasting and maybe, bottle and seal with a kiss!

Other fun and romantic ways to make wine:

Visit California Wine Country:
Some wineries offer personalized “blend your own” experiences. There is even a one-day Wine Boot Camp® offered in Sonoma County (AffairsOfTheVine.com).

  • Terravant Wine Blending: This Central Coast winery will ship a “Wine Blending Bar” experience and bottle your best effort (AvantWines.com/wine-blending-bar).

  • Presque Isle Home Winemaking 101: your source for grapes to equipment to instruction (PiWine.com).

Check your local wineries, tasting rooms and wine bars as they often offer winemaking and/or blending events. Your finished product can even be finished with a custom label that will be a sweet keepsake.


Where to be (And be Seen)

Article Courtesy of PureWow.com

We’ve got getaways on the brain. But not just any old getaways. We’re looking for something out of the ordinary, a place to fuel our passion for travel but that’s yet to be affected by mass tourism.

From the Mexican beach hardly anyone has discovered to the Mediterranean city that’s blissfully free of cruise ships, these seven off-the-beaten-path places are at the top of our 2016 travel list.

When to Visit
September through April

Iceland? Whatever. This year will be all about Greenland, which is so off the grid, your cell phone probably won’t work. (Folks here rely on satellite phones.) Love the outdoors? Locals travel around this sparsely populated land by dogsled or snowmobile, and it’s hands down the best spot to spot the aurora borealis. Head there in March 2016 to catch the first-ever Arctic Winter Games—much like the Olympics, but with sports such as badminton and “Alaskan high kick.”

Bavaria, Germany
When to Visit
March through September

Located between the Alps and the vineyards of Franconia, Bavaria has a wonderful Sound of Music vibe. The region is one of Germany’s 16 states and boasts breathtaking scenery, an easygoing feel and a charismatic culture. Tour Munich’s world-class galleries, then raise a stein with the lederhosen-clad locals in a frothy beer hall. Or follow the Romantic Road through enchanted forests to castles straight out of a Disney movie.


When to Visit
September through April

This archipelago of around 250 islands in the western Pacific Ocean is a prime country for underwater lovers searching for snorkeling and diving expeditions—without the crowds. Loads of World War II wreckage still remains scattered throughout the islands, and you can explore these while scuba diving. The coolest spot (in our opinion) is Jellyfish Lake, home to an endemic subspecies of jellyfish that travel across the water in a repeated daily pattern.

Kotor, Montenegro
When to Visit
May through September

This Mediterranean town is drop-dead gorgeous from every single angle. Within the city walls, locals sip strong coffee at pavement cafes and queue up for warm bread along the dreamy maze of alleys and plazas. Beyond, the mountain-encircled bay is one of the most photogenic spots in all of Europe. Better still, the cruise ships have yet to overwhelm. Get here before they drop anchor

Kauai, Hawaii
When to Visit
April through June

Seeking beauty and adventure? Consider adding the Hawaiian island of Kauai to your itinerary. Not only is Kauai geologically the oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands, it’s also the greenest—nicknamed the “Garden Isle” for its lush rain forests and beautiful vegetation. It also happens to be the backdrop for some tiny movies like Jurassic Park and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Riviera Nayarit, Mexico
When to Visit
January through March

See ya, Tulum. This year, visit the part of Mexico that’s blissfully free of co-eds. Located on the western part of the country, the region of Riviera Nayarit is home to the surfer town of Sayulita, which is a perfect snapshot of what many consider authentic Mexico. Along these cobble stone streets you’ll find amazing mahi-mahi fish tacos, and the beaches have some of the best waves on the coast. (P.S. It’s also only a few miles from the popular city of Nuevo Vallarta.)

Botswana, Africa
When to Visit
Any time of year

Praised for its stability and progressive social climate, this low-profile African country will celebrate 50 years of independence in 2016. Awash with national parks, Botswana is great on either a high or low budget, in the dry or green season, and it is equally suitable for adventurers, honeymooners or wild scenesters. But fair warning: It won’t remain undiscovered for long, as 2016 will likely bring the dawn of direct international flights.


Sam creates recipes that are "big in taste, but small in effort" for all occasions. With 14 Emmys for his TV show and 3 published cookbooks, we hope you love him as much as we do.

You can catch all of his latest TV show episodes on his website TheCookingGuy.com


System Pavers,

I wanted to take a moment to share my recent remodel experience with System Pavers. This was my third experience with construction at my house—and I was not really looking forward to it. But I have to say System Pavers has changed my mind about the construction process. Because not only was the design aspect handled smoothly with intimate attention to our particular design needs, but once started, it went smoothly, too.

Previous to the remodel, we really just used our backyard for a minor amount of cooking—I would go outside, cook and come back in with the food. I cook for a living so of course the cooking component is important, and when we first started thinking about redoing the space, the goal was to create an environment that combined cooking AND entertaining.

The design on paper got us excited about making a change, but I truly had no idea how spectacular the space would be. It’s open, it’s welcoming and it’s a perfect transition between inside and outside. In fact it’s an extension of both my kitchen and living areas, allowing me to cook, teach and entertain all in one spot – and all outside.

I am convinced one of the real keys to System Pavers is your people who made every effort to ensure everything was to our satisfaction. Sadly though, this seems rare in business these days.

Thank you again for everything System Pavers did during the transformation of our backyard. It’s simply incredible.


You… your loved one… the warmth of a fire… and a perfectly cooked filet topped with beautiful crab and béarnaise sauce – could there be anything better?

I suppose having a cook make this for you would be wonderful, but that would defeat the purpose. Because making this for someone is all about love…

By the way, béarnaise is like hollandaise, but instead of lemon juice uses champagne vinegar and tarragon – you can make it, but the package versions are really quite good and definitely a lot less hassle.


Evenings at Home

A traditional date night between a couple usually includes delicious dinner, a movie or maybe drinks at your favorite bar. While dressing up and going out can be fun, there’s a certain charm to a quiet evening at home. If you and your partner are looking to stay in for the night, here are some ways you can still make the evening special and romantic:

Cuddle up by the fire
There’s nothing more lovely than spending a beautiful night on the patio while the embers in a fire pit burn. To make the scene even more special, be sure to grab some fuzzy blankets, a bottle of wine and some music to listen to. You two can simply enjoy each other’s company and maybe get a chance to see some stars if the night is clear and bright.

Host a two-person game night
If you and your loved one have been together for awhile, you may think you know everything there is to know about one another. However, planning an exciting yet challenging game night between the two of you could be fun. Have you and your partner write down questions about your history that you can ask each other. Here are some examples:

  • What was your first impression of me?
  • What is your favorite character trait I have?
  • What is your most treasured memory we have together?

The answers to these questions may surprise you, and you two could forge an even closer bond.

Nestle by a water feature
A beautiful, soothing water feature on your patio can be romantic and peaceful. Bring some comfy chairs to sit in and unwind as the water softly falls over the river rocks. You two could bring a book, a paper or just sit outside and enjoy the night together. Sometimes doing nothing is the best recipe for a good time.


Creating Stories with Sequels that Don’t Disappoint!

It’s no secret sequels often fall far short of expectations. But for Jim and Carol Palda of Mission Viejo, California, theirs was even better—something they didn’t think possible.

The Palda’s outdoor living story started five years ago when they hired System Pavers to replace a concrete pool deck with paving stones, and build a coordinating BBQ station. Given how much they enjoyed this new look, they brought System Pavers back the next year to replace their yard’s remaining concrete.

Chapter three, another year later, included a paving stone patio and outdoor lighting to accentuate and brighten their new outdoor living spaces. End of a good story, or so they thought.

A few years later, Jim and Carol moved to a new home with a small L-shaped dirt yard—starting a whole new story. Jim knew he wanted paving stone products like those System Pavers installed in their previous home, but didn’t know where to start. His builder recommended a paving stone company, which he contacted only to be disappointed with lackluster service and estimating. He then called a well-known landscaping company just to be disappointed again with impersonal service. Strike two. This time Jim called someone he knew he could trust: Victor at System Pavers.

“We were pleasantly surprised that Victor remembered us from a few years back,” reflects Jim. “He jumped on our needs immediately and found us trustworthy partners for extra services System Pavers doesn’t provide. Victor was a partner, not a sales rep, and coordinated all the details from paperwork to final product seamlessly.”

With Victor’s help, their backyard quickly transformed into beautiful decks, walkways, and landscaping artistry utilizing turf and outdoor lighting for accents and convenience. They also have a matching fire pit and BBQ and a perfect setting for their outdoor spa.

“We’re very pleased with our new yard, which according to our neighbors, is the nicest around,” said Jim. “System Pavers’ expertise, and ability to outsource and coordinate additional work with the same high standards they have, went way above our expectations.”

With a company culture that for 24 years has won top ratings for customer service and design excellence, System Pavers stories are among those select few sequels that don’t disappoint


About the New Tax Extender Legislation Excerpt courtesy of Hersowitz Accountancy Corporation

Congress has reached a bipartisan agreement on tax extenders, aptly named “Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015”. Much to everyone’s surprise, some were made permanent while others were only extended for a period of time. Congress also modified several provisions and added new ones to reduce tax fraud. Here is a look at some of the key provisions included in the legislation that pertain to individuals, small businesses, and certain energy-related provisions:


•Optional Deduction of State and Local General Sales Taxes – Since 2004, taxpayers who itemized their deductions have had the option to deduct the larger of (1) state and local income tax paid during the year, or (2) state and local sales tax paid during the year. This provision, which had been previously extended through 2014, provides the greatest benefit to those taxpayers who reside in a state that has no income tax (which include Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming). This election has been made permanent.

•Tax-Free IRA Distributions For Charitable Purposes – This provision was temporarily added in 2004 and originally expired in 2011; it was not extended until late in the year during the years 2012, 2013 and 2014, thus limiting its application in those three years. The provision allows taxpayers age 70.5 and over to directly transfer (not rolled over) funds from their IRA accounts to a qualified charity. The distribution is not taxable, but it does count toward the individuals’ required minimum distribution (RMD) for the year. The maximum allowable transfer is $100,000 per year. No charitable deduction is allowed, as the distribution is not taxable. This provision has been made permanent; it provides four potential tax advantages:

1. The distribution is not included in income, thus lowering the taxpayer’s AGI, which in turn helps to avoid various AGI phase-outs and limitations.

2. Keeping the AGI lower also helps to minimize the amount of Social Security income that is subject to tax for some taxpayers.

3. Taxpayers using the standard deduction cannot get a charitable deduction, but they are essentially deducting the charitable deduction from their gross income when making contributions this way.

4. The transferred distribution counts towards the taxpayer’s RMD for the year.

Other Residential Provisions

  • Child Credit
  • American Opportunity Credit (AOTC)
  • Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)
  • Teachers’ $250 Above-the-Line Deduction
  • Transit Pass & Parking Fringe Benefit Parity
  • Above-the-Line Deduction for Qualified Tuition and Related Expenses
  • Discharge of Qualified Principal Residence Indebtedness
  • Mortgage Insurance Premiums


  • Research Credit
  • 100% Exclusion of Gain
  • Differential Wage Payment Credit
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)
  • Section 179 Election
  • Above-the-Line Deduction for Qualified Tuition and Related Expenses
  • Leasehold and Retail Improvements and Restaurant Property
  • Bonus Depreciation
  • Enhanced First


  • Residential Energy (Efficient) Property Credit
  • Credit for Fuel-Cell Vehicles

For explanations of all of the above provisions, please visit our blog.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for informational purposes only. If you have questions related to these or other, less commonly encountered provisions of the new law (Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015), please contact your tax advisor.


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