Do you work to live, or live to work?

At System Pavers, we believe a career should be much more than earning a living; it should be fueled by what moves you. To us, the ideal career enables you to do what you love, earn a living, and still have time for the personal life you’ve built. Your career should be more than just the routine of punching a time card and repeating the same motions day in and day out.

If you love being creative, crafting solutions to enhance the lives of others, and seeing your imagination come to life- we may be just the team you need for a long-lasting and fulfilling career.

Jeanette Tamraz, Senior Sales Trainer-Design Consultant.
Joined in 2010.

"Working at System Pavers has drastically improved my life, personally and professionally. When I started as the receptionist it was just a job, yet very quickly the leaders were willing to let me try new things. They provided me with training for new positons and for setting and achieving goals that would get me where I had the potential to be. My teammates are my colleagues, my inspiration and my extended family."


In her nine years at System Pavers, Jeanette has successfully filled several different roles, growing her skills and a successful career along the way.



Browse our current openings and get started with a position that can move you from a job where you “work to live” to a career that is also about “living to work”. Our goal is to provide positions that allow you to do what moves and inspires you beyond the paycheck. Every day.

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Regardless of your career path, every day and every project is unique when you work at System Pavers. With System Pavers, there are ample opportunities that allow you take charge of your career journey. We provide the team, the tools, and the vision that allows you to be happy as our customers are. With a 95% customer satisfaction rating, that’s a lot of happiness to pass on to you! 

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Since 1978, the Qualified Remodeler Top 500 has been the leading benchmark of growth and success among remodeling firms. System Pavers is honored to be the no.1 outdoor remodeling firm on the Top 500 List since 2015, ranking 8th in the nation among the total 500 selected remodeling firms.

Foundation for a Fulfilling Career… and Life!

When you join System Pavers you join a team of dreamers, thinkers, and believers.  Dreamers that actually make things happen. Creative thinkers that design extraordinary ideas. Believers that know working together and staying positive leads to unexpected success.  You’ll be surrounded by others who love making everyone’s world a better place through beautiful design and community service.

If you thrive on being creative, working as a team, and promoting goodwill, it’s time to join our team! Review our open jobs and apply now.

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Here are a few examples of what sets us apart from other home improvement companies:

  • We believe in balance. We cherish our family and leisure time and want all of our employees to do the same.

  • System Pavers is the largest designer and installer of paving stones and outdoor living systems in the U.S. For employees, we offer a proven process for growth, a stable company for security, and all the tools you need to embark on a meaningful and lucrative career.

  • Our development program is designed to help you achieve your career and personal goals. Our experts help you define what and where you want to be now, in the future, and we outline that path and deliver the tools to get you there. Our motto is: When our employees are happy, our business is happy. It has not failed us in 25 years.

  • Our compensation packages provide the benefits you and your family need with an unlimited earning potential.


We have invested millions in training our team members, setting them up to excel on all levels. There isn’t another company in our industry that can match the training opportunities we provide. Many have graduated from our System Pavers University, which produces best-in-class designers, engineers, sales executives and, installation / construction experts.
Whether you are looking for a career in design, sales, customer service, marketing, engineering, finance or another field, we offer a solid pathway to a successful and fulfilling work life.

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Browse our current openings to see what’s available now, or send us your resume so we know how to reach you when the perfect position opens up. 

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Check out our 4.6 / 5 rating for employee satisfaction on Glassdoor and what our employees have to say about their personal experiences working for System Pavers.


System Pavers was founded 25 years ago on the premise of building a great product and providing a great place to work, where both personal development and employee enthusiasm can thrive. CEO and co-founder Larry Green sums up his contagious leadership style best

“I could have retired years ago, but I enjoy my exciting business more than ever. There are many new technologies and opportunities to help families engage in beautiful outdoor settings, and employees develop expertise and skills that will help them live the life they seek as well.  I love this business and love helping others develop careers that benefit their lives and those of our customers.”


Join our family and start your journey to a fulfilling career and lifestyle by doing work that makes a living and gives life to your creativity, your passions, and your goals.

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