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Perfect for Creating a Unique Cooking Experience

Having an outdoor kitchen installed is a great way to add to your living space and help you get more use out of your patio. We’ll create a custom design that includes everything you need for an ideal al fresco cooking and eating experience. Entertaining outdoors is a hassle when you have to carry endless dishes back and forth between the kitchen and the party. With an outdoor kitchen, you can cook for your guests right in the thick of the party without having to miss out on any of the fun. An outdoor kitchen can be anything you want it to be. From custom paver designs and bar seating to marble and granite countertops, your outdoor kitchen will be designed around your personal style and desired outdoor cooking and dining preferences.

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Outdoor Kitchen FAQs
What types of materials are used in an outdoor kitchen?

We love designing and building kitchens that meet your needs and effortlessly enhances you and your loved ones’ lifestyles. It starts by choosing materials that will stand the test of time and can weather the elements. From elegant paving stone walls, patios and seating areas to granite or marble countertops and stainless-steel appliances, your outdoor kitchen will be made from durable, premium materials that will add enduring value to your home.

What types of appliances can be in an outdoor kitchen?

Depending on your lifestyle needs, your outdoor kitchen can be as robust or streamlined as you wish. At a minimum, yours will need an outdoor stove or grill as the centerpiece for all your cooking fun. However, you can greatly up your hosting abilities by adding in appliances such as sinks, refrigerators (full or mini sized), ice makers, pizza ovens, side or power burners, outdoor storage cabinets and more. As an extension of your home, you want your outdoor kitchen to be a lasting, useful addition that ups your outdoor entertainment space for years to come. That’s achieved by choosing high-quality, thoughtfully designed appliances.

Is a permit needed for an outdoor kitchen?

Usually, a building permit is needed before starting construction on your outdoor kitchen, especially if it requires plumbing modifications or gas lines installed. Permitting guidelines vary by location. It’s best to check your local regulations for exactly what is required for your project.


System Pavers can help provide financing options built around your needs. We've locked in great rates with our financial partners, so even if interest rates soar, you'll be able to take advantage of the ones we've already negotiated for you. Schedule a free consultation today to hear all about it!

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