No longer used just as decorations, our accessory fountains can add depth and relaxation to any outdoor living space. Bring your courtyard or backyard retreat to life with a centerpiece pond, tower, spout or grande fountain. Add the tranquil sounds of soothing ripples to your backyard patio and enjoy quiet evenings under the stars with loved ones. Also great for privacy, consider installing a tower style fountain against a neighboring wall to help drown out sounds outside of your outdoor living space. Most fountains even include LED-lit trickles to increase the ambiance of your space in the evenings or at night.

In addition to pond, tower, spout or grande fountains- tiered, octoball, zenand urn style fountains are also available. For ideal customization, each style fountain is available in a variety of materials, sizes and finishes.


Fire Bowls help create an outdoor retreat full of warmth and added beauty. Each fire element is hand-crafted using a custom patina finishing process that guarantees a one-of-a-kind creation. Fire bowls are a perfect centerpiece for evening conversations among friends or getting cozy with your spouse and a good glass of wine. With a variety of color choices and fire glass options to choose from, each fire bowl can be customized to fit the unique designs and overall theme of your outdoor living space.


Whether used decoratively in your courtyard or for the functionality of your growing garden, pots and urns are a great choice for dressing up your outdoor living space. Both pots and urns can be used as an outdoor vase for your favorite trees or growing greenscapes. These lovely hardscape accessories come in a wide array of colors and a variety of styles including Venetian, Moderno, and Aneli. Pot and urn styles vary in size and can be placed strategically among your hardscape design to increase the overall beauty of your garden and ambiance within your outdoor space.


Perfect for pairing with stone tables, planters, pots, and fire pits, along garden pathways or beside a soothing water feature. Stone benches are wonderful for complementing walkways, patios, alcoves and gardens. It's easy to create a spot for rest, reading or reflection by incorporating a stone bench into your patio area. And with so many options available, it's easy to find a style bench that complements your outdoor hardscape design. Select the finish, stone type, and detailing that works best for your outdoor decor theme. Our stone benches are available in an array of both weathered and contemporary architectural styles, featuring both straight and curved options.


Create a space for garden conversations, afternoon tea or outdoor crafting by including a stone table into your hardscape design. Pairing perfectly with a stone bench, our tables are also available in an array of both weathered and contemporary architectural styles. Matching options are endless as tables are available in a wide variety of stone colors in order to compliment your outdoor design. Invite your grandchildren over for an afternoon of backyard crafts or host the next book club meeting outdoors at your stone table.


Statues are used to enhance the environment of your outdoor living space and provide decoration to match your outdoor design theme. Whether you're going for a more contemporary feel or a tranquil zen vibe, there's a statue style to enhance the mood of your space. Statues are a great way to reflect your individual taste within your overall design theme. Draw the attention of guests to your favorite outdoor area by lining a pathway with lantern statues, or create an outdoor sanctuary by including a St. Francis statue among your garden flowers.


Bird baths should be both a functional and an aesthetically pleasing addition to your outdoor living space. This is why our bird baths are offered in six styles, with multiple color options, and are all designed with a proper bird perch. Enjoy sunny afternoons on your paver patio watching the local bird wildlife splash and bath playfully in the garden.

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