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family making s'mores at a fire pit

Get All Fired Up For Fall!

This is the season for harvesting some of life’s best memories. The smells of bonfires, the cozy sight of pumpkin patches everywhere, spiced cider and apple pies from local bake shops, and of course jumping into a huge pile of crackling, crunchy leaves. All made more precious with the thought of chilly winter days ahead. As we watch nature cycle through another season change, it’s a great time to think about change at home. Simple changes like adding a fire pit to your outdoor living spaces can make a big difference for making memories you will cherish forever.

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fall door decor

Tips To Make Sure Your Driveway Is Spooky Only Once A Year!

Black cats bring bad luck. Step on a crack, break your mother’s back, and Jack O’ Lanterns guide lost spirits home. These are just a few of the fun yet spooky superstitions people really get into around Halloween. But what is really scary this time of year is heading into a cold winter with lots of cracks already in your driveways and walkways.

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Tiny white french bulldog enjoying turf lawn

Jeopardizing Your Lawn

If you think keeping your lawn green and healthy each year is game of chance, take the following Jeopardy quiz: Category – Turf Wars: This environment requires toxic fertilizers and pesticides to look good. Lots of mowing, weeding, and upkeep. Can have broken sprinkler pipes that flood your yard or dry patches due to drought and neglect. Develops unsightly dead spots from pets. High monthly bills from water usage and lawn care companies. ANSWER: What is known as traditional grass lawn problems!

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Paver walkway

Fall Back, Spring Forward

With Daylight Savings time ending, we can now look to springing forward into a new season. The cozy winter months full of sparkling wonder, festive times, and short days. However, with an extra hour of darkness come some advantages. We can get to sleep earlier, gaze at the stars a bit longer, watch one extra sitcom, eat two desserts instead of one. Why not?

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Joe Davis's backyard patio

An Outdoor Lifestyle

When it comes to throwing a backyard party, we spend hours coordinating the fine details: colorful linens, matching tableware, bright lanterns for night time ambiance, and much more, not to mention the appetizers, entrees, and ice coolers full of drinks. And when the party is over, so are the fun splashes of color and style you spent hours creating. This summer, why not spend the same kind of attention to detail on your hardscapes and patio and pool decks for a lasting impression?

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camping tent

Camping Made Easy

Camping, for many of us around the country, is one of the highlights of summer. Sleeping under the stars, the gentle roar of a river nearby, the warmth of a campfire, and grilled meats and dutch oven dishes are just a few of the things that we look forward to. However, for many of us city dwellers, camping is just another dream of what summers used to be!

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garden with paver walkway

Your Chosen Pathway

"The Road Not Taken" is a beloved poem by Robert Frost that includes two of the most famous lines in literature – Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by. While we assign our own meaning to these lines, the visual of a paving stone walkway may certainly come to mind. Whether you are starting anew or redoing well-worn driveways and walkways, the ‘less traveled by’ shouldn’t mean you and your guests have avoided walking that way for a reason. Is it time to upgrade or forge a new path in your yard?

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backyard with pergola

Pergola Parties

Whether it’s on a beach, a desert oasis or by a pool, there’s something cozy and inviting about a pergola. Shady shelters for reading, picnicking, conversation and more are fast becoming big attractions in outdoor living systems everywhere, including your own backyard. Large or small, pergolas add a function and stylish touch to any setting.

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backyard party

Throw an End of Summer Party

The end of the summer is a bittersweet time for many people. It means the days will get shorter and the weather will get colder. However, it is inevitable; so why not send off the season with a fun party! Here are a few ideas for themes that work well for this time of year.

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couple at outdoor fireplace

Romantic Summer Nights

Imagine stepping outside into your backyard on a warm summer evening with clear skies unveiling the thousands of stars overhead. The glow of the moon reflects on your patio as you take a stroll barefoot along the stone pathway leading you through the garden. Envision the colorful water lanterns dancing in the pool as the cool breeze greets you with the aromatic scent of rose petals guiding you to a relaxing night of soaking in the bubbling hot tub. Sound nice? Here are some tips to help create this romantic destination right in your own backyard

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