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Easter egg hunt ideas

Easter egg hunt ideas

Mar 24 2016

Easter is nearly here, which means families everywhere are preparing to celebrate the holidays. Many homeowners opt to commemorate the day, which lands on March 27 this year, right in their backyards, as the spring weather offers an abundance of sunshine. While planning involves creating an Easter brunch menu and setting up pastel decor, the best part of this holiday is no doubt the beloved egg hunt. You likely remember the excitement of searching for those bright-colored plastic shells as a kid, opening them up and discovering a sweet treat inside. Recreate those moments for your own kids with these Easter egg hunt ideas:

Do some prep work
Organizing a backyard Easter egg hunt for the family requires a little preparation and planning. First, determine how many little ones will frolic through your yard in search of eggs. Better Homes and Gardens advised allocating a dozen eggs for each participant, though that number can vary based on how long you want to spend on this activity. Moms and dads who want to be extra prepared should get a few more plastic eggs in case the neighborhood kids want to join in on the fun at the last minute!

Define the prize
Homeowners must also decide what treats they plan to place inside the eggs. Chocolate may be the traditional prize, but this sweet can get pretty messy on hot days. If your outdoor living space gets extra warm, as many California backyards do, opt for hard candies, gummies or toys that are less likely to melt. Other egg-cellent options include:

  • Nail polish.
  • Bouncy balls.
  • Stickers.
  • Small bottle of bubbles.
  • Lip balm.
  • Lego bricks.
  • Erasers.
  • Plastic rings.
  • Shoelaces.
  • Temporary tattoos.

You might also consider hiding an eggstra-special egg that contains a dollar or other larger prize for each child to add a bit more thrill to the hunt.

Consider a twist on tradition
While typical Easter egg hunts involve little kids racing around the backyard and avidly searching for their prizes, homeowners can get a little creative with this concept, too. Scavenger hunts are great for older kids who can read and follow directions. Create teams among the children and give them clues to find the eggs one by one. Each egg should have the next clue inside - just be sure to include a prize at the end!

Star Telegram provided the idea of a backwards egg hunt, where the kids do the hiding and adults search for the eggs. Have the kids write down some things they want on slips of paper, perhaps to opt out of cleaning the bathroom or to stay up past their bedtime. The children can place the pieces of paper in the eggs and hide them in the yard. Any eggs the adults don't find, the kids get to keep and receive whatever privilege the slip of paper says.

Hide and disguise
Depending on the age of the child, homeowners can get pretty creative with where they place the plastic eggs. For especially young kids, green-colored eggs atop lush artificial grass will blend right in without making the hunt too challenging. Meanwhile, families hiding treats for little ones who are a bit more adventurous can conceal the items in hardscape design. For instance, place an egg beneath some logs inside an outdoor fireplace (unlit and totally cooled down, of course) or in a natural stone mailbox.

Don't forget about your outdoor structures! Conceal some eggs inside your gazebo or near your outdoor pergola. If you have potted plants on your custom patio, use it as a hiding spot for an egg that has the same color as the flower.

Follow the hunt with more activities
Don't let the fun stop after the Easter egg hunt. Homeowners throwing a holiday celebration should set up other activities, too. For example, dye hard-boiled eggs and eat them the next day as a festive snack.

Easter crafts also provide a great way to spend the afternoon. Parents can fill each section of empty egg cartons with paint and let their little ones create beautiful spring pictures. Or homeowners can whip out the crayons so kids can doodle images of Easter eggs.

Mom helping daughter color Easter egg.
Help little ones color Easter eggs.

There are plenty of ways families can celebrate the holiday at home, especially when you leverage your backyard design the right way.