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How to throw a St. Patrick's Day celebration in the backyard

How to throw a St. Patrick's Day celebration in the backyard

Mar 15 2016

With the right tools and tips, it's easy to celebrate the luck of the Irish right in the backyard for St. Patrick's Day.

Come March 17, millions of folks will don pins that say "Kiss me I'm Irish" or wear oversized green sunglasses as they head to their St. Patrick's Day celebrations. Many homeowners will want to join in on the festivities, and with the right tools and tips, it's easy to celebrate the luck of the Irish right in the backyard.

Set the mood
What's a party without the appropriate decor? St. Patrick's Day provides a unique opportunity to dive into all things green and gold. For outdoor festivities, lush lawns of synthetic grass already add a festive touch, but there are other ways to incorporate Kelly green.

Consider outdoor lighting options, for instance. A quick light bulb change to a green hue can add instant Irish flair while letting guests celebrate well into the night. String lights offer an excellent alternative to traditional outdoor ambiance options, too. Homeowners can simply wrap glowing ropes around outdoor pergolas or string them from awnings over custom patios.

Music is also an important component of a St. Patrick's Day celebration. Stream Celtic tunes through outdoor sound amenities. The melodies of bagpipes and fiddles playing through speakers are festive enough to get everyone to dance the Irish jig.

Homeowners can't forget to incorporate flashes of gold! They can fill vases with chocolate gold coins or spread shining yellow tinsel over tablecloths.

Serve up food
A good host never leaves guests hungry, and that rule is no different for those throwing a St. Patrick's Day bash. The Irish holiday gives folks plenty of options when it comes to festive food.

For heartier options, potatoes, corned beef and cabbage make excellent main course dishes. However, homeowners opting for lighter fare can make appetizers with these ingredients, like Reuben finger sandwiches, or forgo Irish eats altogether. For a not-so-traditional take on St. Patrick's day, hosts can simply throw chips and pretzels in green bowls or incorporate Kelly green food dye in dessert recipes.

Of course, beer is the usual beverage of choice on St. Patrick's Day. While Guinness is the most iconic for this holiday, guests might have a more varied palate. Homeowners may benefit from including several kinds of beer or even filling pitchers with green-dyed brew. For warmer beverages, hosts can offer Irish cream with coffee.

Reuben sandwich on marble rye.
Reuben sandwiches are a great option for St. Patrick's Day parties.

Have fun with games
The outdoor entertainment component of the party varies depending on the personalities of the people invited. For the active type, yard games like cornhole or horseshoes are great options to keep the festivities going for hours on end. Those who like to kick back and relax may be better served with card games. Either way, hosts should set up the backyard in a way that's conducive for these activities. For instance, a clear space is best for party plans that include yard games. Meanwhile, making use of your outdoor pergolas or setting up furniture on the patio creates the perfect atmosphere for group conversations.

With a little creative thought and Irish spirit, any homeowner can throw a St. Patrick's Day party to remember.