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Hosting The Big Game in your Backyard

Hosting The Big Game in your Backyard

Jan 27 2016

With professional football's biggest game of the season right around the corner, you're beginning to look for ideas on how to host your own game-day festivities. This year, instead of letting your living room get overly crowded with friends and family, take the party outside! Throwing a party for the Big Game will be easy to do, as long as you follow these five simple tips:

1. Offer plenty of snacks
Part of being a good host is making sure all of your guests are fed when they get hungry. The Big Game is likely to last at least a few hours, so make sure you've stocked up on plenty of food supplies. Since you're going to be hosting the festivities outside, grilling options should be at the forefront of your mind. When deciding what kinds of foods to barbecue on your grill, try to offer a variety of meats. Chicken breasts, burgers, ribs and fish are all excellent options to cook for your guests. If you're in search of a way to include vegetables on the day's menu, consider grilling some of those, too. Throw an ear of corn or some asparagus spears on the grill right next to the meats.


Stock up on new Super Bowl snack recipes on Pinterest


2. Keep refreshments cold
You need to offer plenty of beverages to your guests so they can wash down all that food they just inhaled. Football fans enjoy most beverages served cold, which can be tricky to do without a refrigerator outside. If you don't have a minifridge built into your outdoor island, then use coolers. Round them up from around your house (and even encourage a friend or two to bring coolers they have) and fill them with ice. Don't fill them up entirely, however! Not only will you run out of ice, but you probably won't be able to fit too many drinks inside the cooler. Instead, fill the coolers about halfway up with ice and then add water. Although the water will melt some of it, you'll create an ice bath that's cold enough and spacious enough for cans and bottles alike.

3. Get an outdoor TV!
Don't forget the reason you're throwing a party! With System Pavers, it's possible to catch all the game's action while enjoying the outdoors. Look into outdoor television options and prepare to be amazed. Outdoor TVs make it easy to take the on-field action to your backyard without sacrificing any picture or sound quality. Plus, you don't have to worry about moving it back inside after the game is over. System Pavers' outdoor TVs are built to withstand seasonal changes, so you won't have to worry about the weather damaging it.

4. Plan outdoor seating
You don't want your guests getting tired from standing too long. That said, it's a good idea to plan ahead for seating. Start by figuring out who will be attending your party. After you have that number in mind, you can begin looking into seating options for everyone. You may want to use a combination of a few different accommodations. Start with large seating options, like an outdoor couch or bench. Place that in an ideal position to view the TV. After that, your best bet is probably to find individual chairs for your guest. Try finding chairs with some padding, so nobody gets sore by sitting on a hard surface for too long.

5. Invite the neighbors
Odds are, it's going to get fairly loud with all of the cheering in your backyard. Instead of letting that cause friction with your neighbors, invite them over for the festivities. After all, the more the merrier - as long as they're cheering for your team!

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