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How To Plan & Create Your Dream Backyard

How To Plan & Create Your Dream Backyard

Jan 21 2016

It can be scary planning the layout of your backyard. Having so much space to play with can be overwhelming. Before you go into panic mode, though, stop to catch your breath. Planning a layout for your backyard should be fun. Follow these four steps and you'll be headed in the right direction in no time:

1. Decide what you want to do
So much of the fun in planning your backyard's layout is choosing what kinds of activities you want to do there on a regular basis. If you're a big fan of cookouts, you should look into BBQ island options. When you put a BBQ island in your backyard, you know you'll have access to a grill space for all of your culinary creations whenever you need it. Make cookouts a regular thing, not just a once-in-a-while ordeal. If you like hosting friends or family for spring and summer nights outside, think about adding a water feature or fire pit. Water features look and sound great, and fire pits might be just what you need for brisk nights outdoors. Do you find yourself constantly hosting your friends and family for the big game, but miss being outside? Combine the two! Look into outdoor televisions and sound systems, and you'll be cheering on your favorite team while enjoying the outdoors in no time.

Decide what you want to do in your yard as you put together a layout.

2. Make a budget
It's always a good idea to create a budget before embarking on a large-scale home project. Come up with a financial plan and stick to it! In addition to planning for the items you want to add to your backyard, make sure you remember to account for labor costs. It's always a good idea to let professionals handle the installation of more permanent fixtures. System Pavers professionals are happy to install everything for you.


3. Pick out the larger items first and accessorize later
This is an effective general tip to keep in mind when planning a layout for any area around your house. Do your best to pick out and make space for larger items first. If you've dreamed of putting a pergola in your yard, be sure to reserve the space for it. Although it's a good idea to have a few different fixtures in your backyard, you don't want to overcrowd the area. 

4. Leave room for greenery
One of the best parts about being outside is that you get to take in the aspects of nature that are typically unavailable to you indoors. Make sure you dedicate at least a segment of your backyard to plant life. It can be as simple as a flower patch or as complex as your own garden for fresh fruits and veggies. Regardless, dedicate a portion of your yard to greenery. If you live in a climate that makes it difficult to grow grass throughout the year, consider going with artificial turf. Not only will it be less upkeep, but you can rest assured knowing you'll have greenery in your backyard all year.

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