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Holiday Card Etiquette to Remember

Holiday Card Etiquette to Remember

Dec 09 2015

The holidays are here, which means it's card-sending season. Receiving brightly colored envelopes in the mail is always exciting - you're probably so used to bills that getting an actual card is a real novelty. Designing cards and writing messages inside them is always a fun task, but deciding what's appropriate to write can be difficult. Therefore, in honor of Christmas Card Day (December 9) and the festive season, we thought a little writing etiquette and decor tips would be beneficial for everyone. Keep reading for some holiday card insights.

Holiday card decor ideas

Make checking the mail more enjoyable by adorning your stone mailbox with garlands or a wreath. Your mail carrier will appreciate your holiday spirit, and seeing the decorations will heighten your anticipation for a letter.

You'll probably start to receive holiday cards from friends and family in the mail soon. These little gifts are enjoyable to open, but half the time you don't know what to do with them when you're done reading them. Throwing them away might make you feel bad, but you also don't want them to pile up on the counter. Any easy solution to this issue is to use them as decoration.

The various holiday images on the front of the cards provide a festive scene, so place them somewhere they can be admired. For instance, covered outdoor fireplaces often need a little embellishment to make them more inviting. Setting the cards you receive on top of the mantel surrounded by pine cones and candles can create a beautiful display.

Card etiquette
Sending your holiday cards isn't as simple as printing out a generic saying and distributing it to people. You want your loved ones to appreciate your message, so make sure you follow these etiquette rules:

  • Include a handwritten message: If your cards contain a general saying, that's fine. Just make sure you also jot down a personalized note underneath the sentiment. People will appreciate the effort you put in to write the individualized message.
  • Keep it short: The note you include with your card does not need to be exceptionally long. In fact, it can be rather short, like a brief message of well-wishes or a quick list of the year's highlights.
  • Send to close friends and family: If your cards include pictures or a newsletter, you should only be sending them to close friends and family. This is not the type of message you send to colleagues. If you want to send something to your co-workers, then use a more professional card design.
  • Include your return address: Sometimes, your cards don't make it to their recipients. In this case, you want to provide the post office with a return address so you know they didn't get it. A return label is also helpful if the recipient of your card wants to write a response, so don't forget to include this vital bit of information.
Vintage paper surrounded by Christmas decorations. Follow proper etiquette when sending your holiday cards this year.


Holiday card design ideas
Traditional holiday cards are always a reliable message choice. However, there are a lot of other creative ideas you and your family can take advantage of this year. For example, family portrait cards are a popular option, and they give you a wonderful opportunity to share a fun picture with your loved ones.

Newsletters are also something you can try sending out this year. These tend to give a bit more of an in-depth look into your year and highlight all of the major events your family experienced. If you choose this option, though, it's important to avoid bragging. When composing your newsletter, keep the language humble and don't give any specific numbers. For example, instead of saying, "Sarah won 9 out of 10 competitions," say, "Sarah really enjoyed her gymnastics competitions this year." Your loved ones will learn about Sarah's athletic endeavors, but you're not shoving her accomplishments in their faces.

A "year in review" message is another option you could do.These are entertaining little infographics that display fun facts about what your family has been up to in the last year. Find a way to compile numbers to use in different charts and graphs. For example, maybe you traveled a total of 1,000 miles during trips this year or perhaps you added a new member to your family. Whatever the news, laying it out on a holiday card is a creative way to share the information.

If you don't have much time for physically sending your holiday cards out this year, then at least send out e-cards. They still convey a holiday spirit but take less effort.


A person writing a letter with a stack of letters and a coffee to the side. Take your time writing your holiday cards this year and use a creative design.




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