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Turn your Backyard into a Winter Wonderland

Turn your Backyard into a Winter Wonderland

Nov 23 2015

Winter offers a wide range of decorating opportunities to spice up your space for the season. Showing your holiday spirit is the perfect way to make the season exciting and to incorporate some backyard decor. Determining where exactly you'd like to place your lights and other embellishments also tends to take a lot of contemplation. If you're interested in transforming your backyard into a winter wonderland, we have ideas to make your decorating decisions easier.

Outdoor fireplace ideas
There's nothing more romantic than snuggling in front of a fire under a warm blanket. Enjoy the brisk air this winter by sitting beside your outdoor fireplace. To make your evening enjoyable, have a couple of thick blankets available and wood for the fire nearby - both of these will ensure you stay warm while outside.
 Add pretty embellishments like garland or natural evergreen branches along the mantel for a festive look.

A man and woman sitting next to each other holding mugs of cocoa in front of a fire.  
Stay warm next to your outdoor fireplace with hot cocoa and a thick blanket.

Use winter decor:
If you're going to place ornaments on the mantel, choose items that won't hang down and are securely in place. Unlit candles, for instance, make beautiful pieces to place around the fireplace. Use gold or silver stands that match the season and place short pillar candles on top. A vase filled with white twigs and sprigs of holly would go well on the end of the mantel, and the bright pop of red would draw the eye.

Celebrate the season:
With the upcoming holidays, you could also place holiday-themed decor on the mantel. For example, hang a few stockings above the fireplace or replace the pillar candles with a menorah. If you've received any holiday cards, you could also use the mantel as a place to display your favorite ones. These suggestions work best if your fireplace and outdoor living space are protected from the elements by an awning or roof that extends over the patio.

Add a festive smell:
Some people enjoy the smell of wood smoke, but if you're using an alternative fuel or would simply like a more festive scent, try adding a few things to the fire. For example, place some old pine cones or dry needles onto the flames. They'll release a wonderful pine scent that reminds you of the holidays. You can also throw a few cinnamon sticks in with the pine cones for a bit of a sweeter smell.

Lighting design ideas
It wouldn't completely feel like winter or the holidays without a display of twinkling lights. Your backyard offers plenty of locations for stringing colorful bulbs and adding decoration. Take the pergola, for instance. Wrap the posts in a rope of lights for a beautiful display. If you have any trees in the backyard, you should also take advantage of the season by adorning them in bright, festive bulbs. If you have a pine tree, you could even add ornaments to the branches to create a giant outdoor Christmas tree.

These are only a couple of obvious places to add lights this year, but try to come up with some innovative ideas, too. For example, you could use mini bulbs to spell out a saying across the side of a shed or the house. If you have a ton of illumination in the backyard and some tech skills, you could also have fun with it by setting the lights to a song. It'll be like your own little winter show right in your own backyard.

A pine tree with lights wrapped in it.
Enhance the appearance of your backyard this winter with a holiday lighting design.

Outdoor Media

An outdoor media set can either provide you with some mood music in front of the fireplace or can give you the chance to watch a movie. If you just want to sip wine and enjoy the sight of the fire, then put some soft holiday music on in the background. You can play it through the media system's stereos. In addition to relaxing with background music, another fun outdoor activity for winter would be viewing a movie - preferably a holiday one. It's a great way to get outside, but the outdoor living space's proximity to the house still gives you with the opportunity to retreat inside if it becomes too cold.

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