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Halloween Decoration Ideas for your Yard

Halloween Decoration Ideas for your Yard

Oct 21 2015

Get in the Halloween spirit this year by filling your front yard with spooky decorations. The neighborhood kids will love your enthusiasm, especially when they're out trick-or-treating. Make the season fun for both you and them by creatively adorning your whole yard, from the driveway all the way up to your front door. Half the fun of Halloween is seeing all of the entertaining decorations, so make sure you don't disappoint this year by using some of these Halloween decor ideas:

The first place you should decorate this fall is your entryway. The door is the focal point of this space, so make sure you frame it nicely with some Halloween-themed arrangements. These can be achieved using dry straw, withering flowers and other foliage that's past its prime. This will create an interesting look that reminds people of spirits and graveyards, which are always a popular Halloween theme.

You can also decorate the door itself with some fun wreath ideas. For example, hang an old witch hat on the door with some spiders and ribbon for embellishment. If you want to go a little more traditional, find wreath made of wood sticks and wrap toy snakes around it for a creepy look the kids will love.

When you have decorated the focal point of the entryway to your liking, tackle the stairs if you have them. A couple of stairs provide the perfect opportunity to set out some jack-o-lanterns. These luminaries serve as a wonderful decoration for your entryway while also providing visitors with light so they don't trip over any steps.

To create a truly spooky Halloween vibe, adjust your outdoor lighting design. Place flickering lights along the driveway that lead people up to your front door, and use spotlights in the yard to illuminate any creepy decorations you've put out there.

Decorate the footpath leading up to your door with little tombstones, as well. The stones have a decidedly graveyard feel that will give people shivers of excitement. Make the adornments easy to read and see by placing little lights underneath them. These can replace your regular path lights for the night and will also show people where to go. Little white pumpkin jack-o-lanterns also make great path lights for adding some Halloween spirit to your yard.

Retaining Walls
Flat surfaces are the perfect space for adding decorations. Try using wire and some thin white fabric to create ghostly shapes floating over your walls. Again, set up some lights beneath the figures to illuminate their shapes.

If you want something more subtle, sprinkle glow-in-the-dark stones across the top of the wall. They will create a soft glow that draws the eye and looks mysterious. Of course, if you want a traditional look, jack-o-lanterns are always a good go-to option. Give them funny or scary faces to match the rest of your outdoor Halloween decorations.

Catch eyes right away by adorning your mailbox with various decorations. If you have a stone mailbox with a flat top, choose your favorite Halloween decoration and place it on top. Drape the rest of the structure in fake spider webs with plastic spiders crawling everywhere, and prop a sign against the base of your mailbox directing people to enter if they dare. If you have an arch over your driveway, weave fake cobwebs into this as well, and hang small globe lights from the top. The light will show people the way to your house and act as a clear signal to the neighborhood that you're prepared for Halloween.

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