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Evergreen Winter

Evergreen Winter

Dec 11 2012

Regardless of where you live, the holidays are filled with glittering golds, crystals, reds and greens. Together and alone, the vibrant colors of the season enhance our moods and spark feelings of joy, calm and comfort lighting. Green alone is the easiest color on the eye, and has a soothing effect, even a proven ability to calm our nerves and relax our minds. It is the color of hope, new beginnings, and the renewal of life. This holiday season, add some green to your world that will last long after the tree is gone and ornaments stored away. A great way to do this is with SP Turf which has both a natural look and feel. Unlike natural grass, the SP green never fades or turns to brown; giving your outdoor spaces that healthy and calming glow endlessly. In addition to providing you with an ever-green, soft, maintenance-maintenance-free lawn that never needs to me mowed, watered or fertilized, SP Turf can liven up a garden, accent your landscaping design, and provide a great surface for putting greens. During the rainy winter months, you'll have even less to worry about as there will be no more muddy footprints coming in your door. And that might just be the best Christmas gift of all!

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