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Get Your Game On 24/7

Get Your Game On 24/7

Feb 05 2013


In a world where few things last forever, one thing you can count on is an evergreen turf lawn. With a lawn that doesn&apost fade, puddle, or fall apart with use, you can always count on time for your game. Anytime of year and in any season, lawns made of high quality synthetic turf hold up for whatever it is that makes you happy right at home: playing croquet or badminton, cloud gazing on your back, or just enjoying a perfectly beautiful natural green throughout your entire yard. And if golfing is your passion, there&aposs no better place than the privacy of your backyard to perfect your game.

With today&aposs options in artificial turf for sports and residential yards, you never have to put off practicing your putt, and if you add a few outdoor lights, that applies 24/7. Now that the PNG is in full swing, it&aposs a great time to put in your own putting green. Imagine, watching Phil Mickelson, putt for a birdie at Augusta, and you imitating every move outside you own back door (only you have to know if it goes in or not.)

There are many reasons beyond your own favorite game to go green with your backyard this spring. Artificial turf reduces water usage substantially and frees up your time to do more than care for your lawn all weekend. Turf today comes in many options- natural lawn or sports cuts. Visit and look at our turf gallery to see if you can tell which is real and which is not. So far, the only thing that is not natural about our turf is how long it takes our owners to putt one in vs. Phil Mickelson.


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