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Spring forward with these outdoor party ideas

Spring forward with these outdoor party ideas

Mar 05 2013


The old adage 'Spring Forward, Fall Back' is a reminder to set our clocks forward, but it can also be a reminder to spring into action. After months of winter and grey, we 'spring' to the outdoors to experience the sunshine and greenery that comes along with this season. The first course of action for most of us is to get our yards in order so we can fully appreciate our renewed sense of nature. Building a BBQ island or installing a new paving stone deck around the pool are good places to start, but be sure to use that extra hour of sunlight for some entertaining too.

Here are some ideas to use for that extra hour of fun in the sun:

Garden Party - while taking the time to spruce up your space; have a party on your deck. Choose a theme - like vintage Italian - and drape your table with red, white, and green linens.

Pool Party - involve the golf lovers in your life by throwing a party worth of them. Provide a floating golf hole in the pool and have a contest for who can make the most shots. The winner gets to take home all the golf balls (if they're willing to jump in the pool and dive for them).

Sunset Party - put some shrimp kabobs brushed with lemon butter sauce on your outdoor grill. String colored balloons across the deck and let the last rays of the sunset shine through, creating a beautiful array of colors.

To rejuvenate your deck and poolside decor before the parties get underway, check out some great ideas at Our quality work with award winning results will be sure to put a spring in any step.


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