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Making Most of the April Showers

Making Most of the April Showers

Apr 30 2013

It's that time again when we watch those April showers turn to May flowers and we start planning our home&aposs landscapes for those wonderful summer days spent outside. What colors to plant where, which plants in which beds? And we watch for the perennials to pop back into our worlds. But after the flowers in the beds are thriving, there&aposs much more to consider for your perfect outdoor oasis. for one, how can you create comfortable and function sitting areas amidst your beautiful flower beds?

Some ideas:

  • Like sitting right in the midst of nature? Consider building paving stone retaining walls that include flower beds and extended surfaces that could seat two. Benches can also be built into flower gardens and dividing walls, creating a cozy look as well.
  • No matter how high tech our homes or yards are, outside living in the spring time is made possible by something as simple as the umbrella. Outdoor umbrellas, or rather pergolas, are made in a variety of colors and sizes to create the perfect rain protection or shaded area over a dining table or sitting area.
  • Want some added ambiance? Integrate a water feature into your garden wall, next to your budding flowers for the ultimate mood creator.
  • Need a burst of color next to those purple pansies or delicate daisies? Line the areas surround your garden beds with turf that always provides a brilliant green contrast and doesn&apost need a bit of work to maintain.
  • Want even more mood? Add an outdoor sound system that works through speakers disguised as rocks maintaining a totally natural setting in your yards.

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