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Fall Back, Spring Forward

Fall Back, Spring Forward

Nov 05 2013

Having fallen back from Daylight Savings time ending, we can now look to springing forward into a new season. The cozy winter months full of sparkling wonder, festive times, and short days. However, with an extra hour of darkness come some advantages. We can sleep an hour longer, gaze at the stars a bit longer, watch one extra sitcom, eat two desserts instead of one – or do whatever we choose. For those of us who would prefer to have an extra hour of light instead, there is hope with today’s technology and advances in outdoor lighting. With LED outdoor lighting systems, you can actually save more than just light at the end of the day. Here are some suggestions for not going gently into the dark night! • Use an outdoor lighting system to add ambiance and style to your yards at night, not just to light up your pathways so you don’t stumble in the dark • Feature your gardens and decorative elements by lighting them up. Waterfalls sparkle into the dark with lights, garden flowers are illuminated after sunset, and BBQ events pass seamlessly into the night as you light up your party. • LED lighting systems not only help you save energy, but costs too. They are much more efficient and will add far less to your utility bills than traditional lighting. Outdoor lighting systems enhance the beauty of your home even after the sun has gone down, while offering outstanding safety features for you and your guests. Visit our gallery at for ideas on outdoor lighting design and function.

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