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Time and Place for Everything

Time and Place for Everything

Nov 12 2013

When it comes to great quotes that sum up good perspectives on living life to the fullest, one of the oldest that seems fitting for the transition from Fall to Winter comes from Ecclesiastes 3. A Time for Everything, especially as we prepare for the wonderful transition from Fall to Winter. “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.”- Ecclesiastes 3 Those of us with a passion for designing and building beautiful yet functional outdoor living spaces get excited about the activities every season brings for those wonderful night activities under the heavens. The late weeks of November is the most wonderful season for creating great “places” outdoors, your own outdoors. Places to unwind with the warmth and comfort of a glowing fire are some of the most wonderful places all year in which to contemplate life at its fullest and reflect on our bounties. One of the first things to contemplate when planning for your own great outdoors under the heavens is to “pit or to place”. Not a small decision as there are distinct differences in fire “pits” and fire “places”. Some things to consider: • Fire pits: A pit is just that…a pit whereby you have a low fire set in stone that creates a wonderful, glowing ambiance for mingling with friends. It’s great for casual settings for enjoying conversations, listening to music, and just relaxing. The most common are gas-operated fire pits which require these to be close to your home’s pipelines and electrical outlets. • Fire places: On the other hand, a fire place is often vertical to shield a fire from the elements and has a larger encasement for burning wood, creates a place where you not only have the glow of a dancing fire, but a place where you can create warmth with a large fire on a cold night, set up a Dutch oven to simmer stews or bake pineapple upside down cakes, or heat cinnamon, adding the wonderful aroma of Fall to your night’s setting. And you are not limited to where to put your fireplace. It can be just off your patio or off in the distant corner of your yard as it does not rely on gas pipelines or electricity for operation (unless of course you opt for gas fireplaces outdoors). Adding to the joy of a fire element to your outdoors is that either product, pits or places, are easy and quick to design, build and install, and are very affordable. Start thinking about your time and activities in your special “place under the heavens” now.

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