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Birdscaping in your own Backyard!

Birdscaping in your own Backyard!

Feb 11 2014

The joy of bird watching has been around for centuries and Emily Dickinson said it best, ‘I hope you love birds too. It is economical. It saves going to heaven.’ There’s no time like the upcoming spring to think about creating your own bit of heaven. Waking up to chirping birds outside your window is a favorite part of spring and we have some great tips to help create a refuge for your feathered friends. The new term ‘birdscaping’ is fast becoming the label for a creative form of landscaping. It is a tool to help roll out the welcome mat for many species of birds. A few of these tips can help you design a bird oasis. • Birdhouses and feeders – place a few around the yard offering different types of food and various sizes. For small, perching birds use tube feeders. Blue Jays, Robins, and others of this size prefer platforms to land on while eating. Position them strategically near windows or patios for better viewing. • Water elements – birds flock to areas where they can find pedestal birdbaths and the sound of running water. Keep the depth to 3” for drinking and bathing. • Shrubbery – plan trees, flowers, and shrubs that provide shelter and safety as well as food. Different sizes and types adapt to a bigger variety of species. A simple craft to make at home, easy enough for kids to help too, will jump start your bird watching. Here is a great recipe from the Farmer’s Almanac. Photo Credit: A PB & Seed Birdfeeder Materials: Empty toilet paper roll Smooth peanut butter Birdseed Twine or String (Stray from bright colors, as that might deter the birdies from visiting.) • Cut a stretch of twine and wrap through the toilet paper roll. Be sure to tie the ends together with a strong knot, leaving enough twine to hang the roll from a tree. • Use a spoon or knife to gently spread the peanut butter around the entire outer area of the toilet paper roll. • Spread a handful of birdseed on a sheet of wax paper, and roll the peanut butter-covered cardboard until it’s completely covered in birdseed. • Take your new birdfeeder out and hang it on a tree near the window, so your munchkins can watch when the birds stop by for a treat. A sure way to keep birds flying to your backyard haven year round is to add an outdoor water feature, a key attraction for birds. The sound of running, sparkling water not only brings tranquility to the birds but people too. Call System Pavers today for a free estimate to help make your dreams of becoming an Audubon enthusiast part of your plans for a backyard paradise.

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