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Simple, Elegant Romantic Dinner for Two in Your Own Backyard Garden

Simple, Elegant Romantic Dinner for Two in Your Own Backyard Garden

Feb 13 2014

Today is Valentine’s Day, so what better time than now to incorporate romance into your outdoor living area? It’s not difficult to add a few romantic elements of design to your yard and garden area that will induce you and your beloved to enjoy a relaxed evening of enjoyment together. A romantic garden is the ultimate retreat from the world. It is a place to unwind, relax and enjoy the tranquility. Flowers that are commonly associated with romance include roses, lavender, orchids, cyclamens and pansies. Photocredit: ukgardenphotos Each period in history and culture has defined romance in its own way. Romantic gardens have changed throughout the centuries. Persians created walled gardens filled with scented white flowering plants to distract lovers from the heat. The Chinese and Japanese created romance by imitating the romantic natural scenes, complete with water and cherry blossoms. The Greeks, who worshiped the goddess of love Aphrodite, wore garlands of roses and rose-scented oils for festive occasions. The Romans associated roses with Cupid, the son of Venus, and imported red roses from the island of Rhodes for perfume and to decorate their lavish banquets. Photocredit: The English are well-known for their idealist approach to romantic gardening. They traditionally have used eye-catching elements like grottoes, temples, bridges and statues as focal points against backgrounds of gently rolling ground and ponds, woodland and clumps of trees. They prefer shrubberies with graveled walks, and lots of fragrant flowers. To the English poets, the idealized English cottage gardens are an untamed wilderness of beauty filled with roses, spring daffodils, wild flowers and perennials. The French painter Claude Monet’s impressionistic paintings of his gardens certainly contributed to the world’s ideals of a romantic garden. He broke away from the strong lines so favored by the early French designers of Versailles and used his garden like a painter uses a palette to juxtapose a colorful plant next to a tranquil water feature filled with water lilies. Photocredit: For some, an afternoon alfresco lunch under trees in a Tuscan romantic garden complete with an arbor evokes the ultimate romantic setting. Apples, pears, grapevines, olives, rosemary, lavender and indigenous salvia add to the appeal. A pergola, gazebo or even a simple lattice trellis will add a romantic element as well as protection from the sun. Hang up a hammock or swing seat for two, and you have a garden ready for romance. Enjoy Valentine’s Day in your own outdoor living area. To prepare the setting, add comfortable cushions or seating, candles, wine and a vase with flowers on the table. Make use of fragrant plants such as roses, lavender and jasmine. Hang sheer curtains to create the feeling of privacy. In the spirit of romance, System Pavers offers this delicious recipe for a romantic dinner entrée. French Carbonara for Two by Eric Ripert is a French version of an Italian classic it is simple, thoughtful and luxurious. We suggest you serve it with a green salad, crusty French bread, your favorite wine and a decadent chocolate dessert. Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope you take time away from your daily routine to enjoy this day set aside to celebrate love and romance.

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