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Do-It-Yourself Unique Upcycled Container Planters

Do-It-Yourself Unique Upcycled Container Planters

Feb 27 2014

Photocredit: Tamara Cucchiara-Sitka Spring is just around the corner and so are pretty plants and flowers! Innovative upcycled plant containers will enhance the appeal of your beautiful plants while providing interesting accent pieces for your outdoor living area. Upcycled planters offer homeowners a practical and cost-effective way to infuse greenery and colorful flower accents to their patios. It’s easy to turn a few household items into chic planters in a few simple steps. Perfect for those looking to infuse their own unique personality and style into their items, do-it-yourself planters will show off your plants in an interesting manner. Decorative teacup and saucer planters are a current trend. The possibilities are endless there are innumerable types, colors, sizes, shapes and styles of teacups. A good plant type for teacups are succulents because they don’t need a lot of room for soil and roots. Pansies or violas are also a good fit add trailers for interest. Teacup planters are a perfect way to make use of impractical pieces of kitchenware while adding interest to your outdoor living décor. Photocredit: Another favorite kitchen item that makes a great upcycled planter is a colander. Colanders work well because they have built in drainage holes. Photocredit: Here’s a unique and creative use of a bundt pan. Paint it whatever color that fits with your outdoor furniture, drill some drain holes in the bottom and plant suitable flowers in it. A table umbrella will fit perfectly in the center! Photocredit: An old metal tool box makes a perfect plant container for a succulent garden. While any container with enough depth for soil and roots will work, items with handles are handy because they can be moved to wherever you want. Make sure to drill a few holes for drainage underneath. Photocredit: These unique head statue planters are extremely unique and make great conversational pieces. Look for pieces that already have drainage holes. Bust planters are distinctive statues that add a stately ambience, but when you plant the right plants that give them even more character they become endearing focal points in your garden. Photocredit: Tamara Cucchiara-Sitka Antique kitchen items are popular upcycled planters. There is a certain charm about antique kitchens items that make them perfect for nostalgia. Photocredit: The right used bathroom fixtures can make creative and interesting planters. Sinks, bathtubs and even the right used bathroom shelves can be upcycled and reused as a beautiful planter in your garden. There are so many innovative ideas for using old furniture, fixtures, utensils, boxes, toys, dishes, bird cages, hats, boots – the list goes on and on. For visuals of more upcycled plant containers, visit our Pinterest “Upcycled Plant Containers”“ board. Let your creativity flow while saving money on buying expensive planters and helping the environment by reducing the amount of landfill by reusing items.

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