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A Five-Star Fairytale Resort in Your Own Backyard

A Five-Star Fairytale Resort in Your Own Backyard

Apr 22 2014

Somehow, just about every fairy tale involves a deep and beautiful forest, and a castle made of stone. And of course a little romance. When we put ourselves in the story, it’s easy to see ourselves sitting under the stars at an open fire pit as snowflakes slowly drift around in the crisp winter air, or birds chirp on a warm summer night. Depending on the season, we might envision marshmallows ready to roast next to a basket of chocolate bars for creating s’mores, or a fruit and cheese plate paired with a Merlot and Chardonnay. In many fairy tales, old and new, we are likely to see beautiful stone carved pools with steam rising from the warm water into the frosty air, next to a hot tub and a glowing fireplace. Fairy tales with beautiful peaceful settings such as these can actually become true when you stay at a luxury hotel, such as the Waldorf Astoria in Park City, Utah that offers a truly 5-star luxury setting indoors as well as outdoors. Inside you find all the glamour and style of a world-class hotel, and on the outside you find the same exquisite detail in stone hardscapes. For example, a stone conversation circle with a large fire pit, small intimate fireplaces for two, built in retaining walls, rock gardens, water features, and other elements that soothe the soul and relax the body. You don’t need to travel far to recreate a fairy tale like the Waldorf Astoria does in your own backyard. With today’s outdoor living systems and elements, it is easier than you might think. It just takes a little planning to make your dreams come true. Here’s some guidelines: Envision the luxurious moments that give you respite and joy when relaxing at home in your yard. Then decide which elements you need to make them happen every day. What emotions do various elements create for you? How do they come together to build your own stories full of magical moments? To consider as you plan your 5-star fairy tale setting: • Site Design: What is the best traffic flow to accessing key areas of your yards? How do you plan to use each area for play, dining, relaxing, or gardening? • Planting plan for greenery and foliage. Where will your colors bloom the most and for the longest period of time? What is your watering plan for all garden beds and lawn areas? • Hardscapes: What is the best location for pathways, edgings, water features, retaining walls, etc.? • Outdoor Living Needs: Do you want a fully functional kitchen with BBQ and food preparation areas? What about dining and outside work spaces for computers? • Entertainment: Are you likely to host outdoor parties for watching TV events such as sports, or use your TV outside yourself? What type of sound system will you most likely use for your music lifestyle needs now, and in the near and distant future? Designing a unique plan is critical to ensure your outdoor setting meets your lifestyle needs today and in the future. With just a few special touches, you can enjoy a 5-star night any night right at home!

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